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Voice Acting 101

Starts Feb 4. Seats limited.

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About Fallout: The Frontier Master Casting Call (Fallout New Vegas DLC Sized Mod)

What is Fallout The Frontier?

Fallout The Frontier is a DLC sized quest mod for Fallout New Vegas that features a war between the NCR and Legion in the Oregon over a secret. This mod features a completely new story, gameplay features, and place within the Fallout world. We currently are being secretive with the more fine details of our story and elements in public posts such as this casting call. 

Moreover, our mod has major technical achievements of modding such as better vertibirds, drivable vehicles, usable tanks, new factions, space combat, new enemies, new creatures, new weapons, new gameplay, dynamic weather, and new FX.

Requirements for Auditioning Voice Actors:

We are currently looking for 18 years of age or older voice actresses and actors with at least a Blue Yeti mic, a fair amount of voice acting or real life acting experience, a pop filter, the ability to name files correctly based on information from either a Spreadsheet or a Google Doc, and the ability to do basic audio processing.

Instructions for Auditioning Voice Actors:

We request that all VAs who are interested are also able to communicate and send/receive files through Discord servers and DMs. On Discord, you will be communicating with me (@ACTIONFIGHTER11#2791) via DMs or the Frontier VA Server's public chat. If you are casted, you will receive your lines within a week through discord along with recording instructions, deadline, accent specifications, character bios, and line directions. 

If you do request to communicate with us through Email or another communication software, please send a private message to my profile on Casting Call Club and explain your situation. I will work with you via CCC Private Messaging to find a solution.

For all characters, we expect lines to be sent back following the correct organization and formatting specified during DM conversation within a month of receiving the script. If recording your lines takes more than a month, please notify me as soon as possible via Discord DMs and we can work out a solution. 

If you do not notify me of the possibility that a one month turn around time is not enough when that is the case, I will be proceeding with the standard procedure by expecting line submissions within a month of receiving the script. If you are casted and have any complications, please notify myself via Discord DMs as soon as possible. Additionally, parts of our development such as Legion and NCR main quest content is in flux, which means certain characters from those parts of development may receive more lines to record after the initial script sending. These characters will have a tag of (IN FLUX) next to their name. If you are auditioning for an In Flux Character, please be ready to receive lines in batches separated by varied periods of time once you are casted as the VA for him/her.

Lead characters will have over 100 lines. (If you are casted or auditioning for a major character, make sure you have enough time set aside for recording.) Supporting characters will have between 100 lines and 20 lines. Minor characters will have between 20 lines and 10 lines. Extra characters will have less than 10 lines. 

Non-human characters that require significant audio effects or modulation will have a special tag in their name. Pre - Existing Fallout Franchise Characters that require voice actors who can impersonate the original voice files from the Fallout games they appear in will have a (Needs Impersonator) tag next to their name. Non-human characters include ghouls, robots, and super mutants. Any filters involved like gas masks or power armor helmets will not need to be done by voice actors or be added to the audition files. We mention them just as a reference for your own convenience. Unless we specify a specific accent, all characters, no matter what species, are to have the regular North American accent.

Due to the number of auditions per day that I need to process, I am requesting that anyone who auditions for a ghoul character for this casting call and moving forward, provides a ghoul rasp within their auditions for said character. Examples of the ghoul rasp are provided in the descriptions of these characters in the form of a link to a video. You can also look up how ghoul rasps sound in Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4. If you do not provide a ghoul rasp for an audition to a ghoul character, I will refuse to look over that audition.

You should record all 3 audition lines included for each character. For each audition line, record one take. Be sure to follow the scene context and line instructions provided for the audition line. You should be recording through an audio recording software like Audacity or Adobe Audition. You should export and submit your audition as a .wav audio file with the settings of 44.1 khz, 16 bits, and mono recording format. You do not need to limit yourself in the amount of characters you audition for. In some cases, we go ahead and cast a voice actor for two roles if they provide effective and different sounding performances for both.

If you get casted, but we lose contact with you for over a month without notice and with no ability to reach you, we will open your role again and cast someone else.

Once the deadline date is reached for a certain batch of characters, we will no longer accept more auditions for the specified roles within that batch. Over the next week or so, we will go over the submitted auditions and cast our characters. 

CCC will automatically send you a message if you get casted. Additionally, we will send a private message to your CCC profile containing information on how to join a discord server where voice acting for the Frontier is managed. If there are any complications preventing that, please respond to our private message as soon as possible and we will work out solutions with you.

Final Message for Auditioning Voice Actors:

For those that audition and don’t make the cut, don’t lose heart as there are more characters to be up for grabs on this casting call page. This is only one viewable batch of characters out of the many batches that will be released and that we need your help on voicing. Do note that the roles listed in this casting call that you currently can see are not all available roles for the project, more will be added over the coming months. That being said, the deadline will be changed after each casting of old characters and accompanied posting of new characters. If a race/gender combination is not listed that you might want to try, send me a PM!

Best of luck! I look forward to hearing your great auditions!

If you'd like to keep track of our project's development and communicate with the development team regardless of whether you get casted or not, click this link to hop on The Frontier Community Discord Server:

(For instructions on how to install and use Discord, check out their website:

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