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About RandyVirdenVO

I'm Randy. I am a home studio based voice actor, and an aspiring voice director. I am the Voice Acting Lead and Voice Director for Project Arroyo, Fallout 4: Dawn of America, and Bottlecap Comics, which has produced the visualized audio dramas Fallout: Caesar and Vault 11. I have been voice acting for several years. I live and breath Fallout, so expect to hear my voice in a lot of Fallout mods.

Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang

This was a great class for beginners. I already had some experience going in, but I still learned quite a bit. There really is no replacement for formal training and education. 

Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Deb Munro

Deb was a great instructor. She had plenty of experience to lean on for any situation. I learned a lot and definitely improved my craft thanks to her.

Closing Credits - 2023

Audio Engineering 101

Instructed by Tony Wijs

Being self-taught meant I missed a lot of the basics. I am glad I took this class to fill in the gaps in my knowledge, and to get to know some awesome people. I am definitely a better audio engineer thanks to Tony.

  • @deleted6059

    Had a great voice! Was perfect for the part, and delivered his lines on time! The audio quality was good and didn't need any redos.

  • @cdo947214

    Great work. Highly recommended.

  • @cdo947214

    Excellent voice actor. Highly recommended.

  • @actionfighter11

    There's no doubt that Randy is able to deliver exceptional performances with amazing audio quality but it also must be mentioned that he is incredibly collaborative and kind-hearted. There is no doubt in my mind that the overall work environment of a project improved with his involvement as a cast member. This is very appreciated due to how stressful creative endeavors can become at times. If you want to have both a great-sounding project and a fun time while working on it, it would be in your best interest to hire Randy!

  • @ofallonvoiceover

    randyvirdenvo is a talented professional. His dedication to the Vault II project is nothing short of impressive. We did a live-directed session for my role of Katherine Stone. Being an experienced voice actor himself, his direction was clear, consice and spot on. He is also a really nice guy. If you get a chance to work with him, go for it. Highly recommend!

  • @jodimichelle

    worked with Randy on “Vault 11” and had a very pleasant
    experience. Randy was easy to work with during our directed session,
    gave great direction, and was fun to work with as well. I would love
    to work with him again in the future.  

  • @nevernotninja

    Excellent voice director, easy to work with and reassuringly communicative through the whole process. Absolutely recommended!

  • @jodimichelle

    noticed that I hadn't recommended Randy earlier and knew I must
    correct this oversight! Randy directed me on Vault 11 and he was
    fantastic and professional to work with. I'd definitely recommend!