Luc de Villars

Luc de Villars

Voice for Vittorio in Dead By Daylight  and Ciro ( French voice ) Dying Light 2

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About Luc de Villars

Hi there
Luc de Villars Here

you can find some of my work on Netflix on shows like
World's Toughest Prisons
New York VS the Mafia
or EA Game's Need for Speed underground

or Blood Bowl 3

or Ubisoft's Riders Republic

I've worked also on independent video games like Flappatron ( a CCC project ) Pendle Hill, Desolate, World War 3  .

I do both French and English/European voice work and I can act in many accents.

Also a casting director for E-learning Projects. 


Usually, I follow the GVAA prices guideline but i can bend some of it if a project is interesting. 

What Luc de Villars is looking for

anything challenging, fun, and with amazing people to work with

NO TTS !! 

  • @flatlight-productions

    Luc De Villars, is an fun bloke. He enjoys his castings and will be sure to provide them as quickly and high quality as possible! He tries his best to make the communicating experience more fun too.
    Would recommend!

  • @fran_3f

    He worked with us for the third chapter of Reversion. Sent in lines quickly and with high quality.
    Totally recommended.

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    Luc voiced a character in one of my animation projects. The voice fitted the character model bringing him to life. During production I realised I was missing a line and it got sent over super fast. Good audio quality and a fast turn around. Would definitely recommend.

  • @madmads

    Luc infuses so much fun energy in everything he does.  Incredibly professional, brilliant, and a joy to work with!

  • @rangerhfox

    Luc is great to do work for! Always on top of the projects I've worked on, and he has a good sense of humor! Looking forward to more!