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Joseph Anthony

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About Joseph Anthony

Have voice, will travel.

Live direction capability if requested.

I treat every project with a professional mindset and do my very best to provide a timely, top quality product.

Minimal acting training, but as a husband, father, and military veteran I have had to act in an endless count of real life scenarios that provide me with a vault of characters, voices and experiences to pull from to give life, depth, and authenticity to your project.

  • @wildgamer1996

    Totally couldn't ask for another voice actor. He came in and saved my project for a fan-made Fallout animation series and made a better performance than I could have imagined. Definitely recommend him for any projects!

  • @andrew-colunga

    Great recordings at great speed. JF grasped the lines quickly and delivered a performance that actually sounded better than what was in my head. We were really lucky he found our project, and I look forward to working with him again!

  • @m-john-blair

    JF was passionate about the roles I gave him and in voice acting in general. He was easy to talk to and kept me updated on his progress of his roles and gave a fine performance at that. Would definitely recommend him to anybody!

  • @deleted85406

    Joseph has great range and has provided great communication, support and shown sheer excitement for my projects, and I could not imagine anyone else playing the role of Glenn. Simply irreplaceable.

  • @nourishedpsyche

    After a long and tiring search for the right voice for a project of mine, I was about ready to give up. At this point I must've reached out to about 50 actors and none of them were able to commit or hadn't answered. I stumbled upon Joseph's page by chance. Casting Call Club's search perimeters are horrible as they contain a lot of dead pages. I listened to Joseph's auditions, heard his delivery, and had a good feeling that he could produce the tone I was looking for.

    I reached out to Joseph with the project details and patiently waited for a response. Almost immediately I had an answer back. Not only was Joseph familiar with the source material of what my project was based on, but once upon a time he was a fan too. Joseph expressed that he wanted to be apart of the project but under one condition. He was currently wrapping up his education and would need roughly two months before he could commit. Imagine working on a project for quite some time, finally recruiting the actor you want, and he tells you, "can you wait a bit longer?" I was floored but after developing a connection to Joseph. I saw the bigger picture. I trusted him, had a sense of commitment from the man.

    It was a long span of time but I decided to honor his proposition and wait until he finished school. As the projected time period approached, I received an email from him, informing me that he was wrapping up his education and just about ready to start performing the work. In my experience, and I've dealt with countless friends, co-workers, and others that have gave me their word and never committed or just flat out flaked on me. Joseph on the other hand, not only touched base with me, once he started the project, he never quit until it was the take I needed.

    I know I've written a book here, but I can't say enough about Joseph Anthony. He is very punctual and the quality of his audio is outstanding. Although, his best quality is the commitment to your project. Whether it may be a five second sound bite or reading a 10 page thesis. Joseph will take your project as seriously as you do and won't quit until you have the perfect take for the part.