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Wyatt Henry

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About Wyatt Henry

Sound treated studio(Wall Panels, Ceiling Clouds, Bass Traps) equipped with:


Sennheiser MKH 416

Neumann TLM 103

Shure SM7B

Aston Stealth

Audio Interface:

Universal Audio Apollo Twin X


Universal Audio LA-610 MK II(Primarily used with TLM 103)

Avalon 737 Plug-In(Primarily used with 416)


Pro Tools


Neumann NDH 20

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

Sony MDR-7506


Yamaha HS5


My name is Wyatt.  I've been doing voice over since Nov 11, 2016.

A kid from Denmark tells me that my Facebook link doesn't work on this site and I inform him that it doesn't work because it doesn't exist. It's about this time I realize that I'm depriving legions of people the thrill of seeing pictures of my lunch, but just as I'm about to create a Facebook page I have a stark realization: I owe Slumlord Radio big time for getting me out of a jam in Tijuana so I'm linking their Facebook and Soundcloud pages here instead. Enjoy!


While most jobs are done within 24 hours of receiving script, times may vary based on role size and order volume.


Ten Cents per word

  • @lunarsea

    What a terrific voice-over actor. He has a wonderful sense of fun, great timing, and takes direction well. He's also really aware of what the character needs in the context of the scene, and offers some amazingly perceptive readings. He played Ayemah in the short animated film Ben and Big.

  • @ves_official

    This guy right here is one of the best voice actors I have ever worked with, and I have worked with plenty! He's extremely talented, his performance is better than you hope it turns out to be, and his dedication is a huge bonus!

  • @yossarian22

    He is a great actor, who right away get's the tone of a role perfectly and delivers the lines very fast. Everybody can be glad to have him on a project.

  • @flatlight-productions

    Wyatt provided high quality voice work in only few days for my project. He always responded fast if i had any issues with the voice work he provided. I'd recommend him for anyone seeking good quality voice work for their projects.

  • @otellino

    mchenry provided the voice of Doctor Rick Dagless in my Fallout 4 Modification, and delivered an astounding performance in a very timely fashion.
    He was a joy to work with, and honestly left me wishing his character's role was bigger! I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again in the future!

  • @cellblockpsycho

    I have to say, that based on most of the voice actors I've hired, none have done it as fast and with such a high quality as Wyatt Henry. I enjoyed his work, and it made my creation ever so more believable. I'd recommend his work to anyone in need.

  • @tripod

    Wyatt's voice over work is incredible, I couldn't recommend him enough! All his lines were crystal clear and extremely professional, it was an honor to have him involved with my project! His acting skills surpassed my wildest dreams, his sense of tone when reading was far more than what I could have asked for, especially with no real direction. 11/10 times I would cast him in any audio project I may have, and you would be a fool to not cast him in yours! Thank you for all your hard work Wyatt, I would definitely love to collaborate with you on another project in the future!

  • @sairren37

    When we received the audition for the Bandit Captain for the pilot episode of Drunks & Fanatics, we did not expect what came to us. Wyatt gave us a character that went beyond our expectations and was an absolute blast to have as a voice actor. We'd love to have him back in the future as another character in our series, and wish him the best in future projects. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

  • @denman

    convincing, takes direction well, good to work with.

  • @deleted191665

    Did a fantastic job on two roles for my New Vegas mod "The Unholy Lands". Very grateful to have worked with him!

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    Wyatt has voiced a character in a couple of my audiobooks. Fast turnaround with good audio quality, really brought the character to life. Would definitely recommend and looking forward to working with in the future.

  • @odellatkinson

    Excellent range and voice control.

  • @deleted207269

    He did an excellent job bringing the role of Too-Bloody-Relaxed to life. The delivery was just what the character needed and all the lines were high quality and submitted as asked. A professional and experienced VA who's easy to work with. Recommended.

  • @quackingproductionco

    Wyatt performed the role of U.S. Military Captain in my LEGO Stop Motion WW2 "Urban Combat". His lines were all played outstandingly and he provided several versions of each line for me to choose from. He was also very quick to provide the lines upon receiving the script and his recording set-up created no echo or background noise. He clearly has a vivid imagination of the setting, as the lines were delivered in an incredibly believable way to be in the midst of gunfire in 1944 Normandy.

    I would thoroughly recommend Wyatt for anyone looking for a voice actor, and will certainly be returning with a request next time I need a male U.S. voice-actor!

    Wyatt, you are amazing. Thank you.

  • @nerdybird-studios

    It was awesome to get to work with Wyatt, he’s a great Voice Artist and a fantastic person! Professional, reliable and friendly. I would highly recommend.
    Thanks again, Wyatt!

  • @stewart-chisham

    I just got my voice lines from this guy, and on top of being fun and full of energy in his delivery, Wyatt is just a super nice guy. Even though our work interaction was pretty brief, he's already left a great impression with me, and I don't think anyone else could do my Radio Man better! Definitely would hire him for more roles!

  • @heart-county-rp

    Wyatt Henry has an amazing voice and personality. He delivered his lines in great time, and went above and beyong what we asked for. Wyatt is a great choice to include on your next cast.

    Thanks Wyatt for your amazing work!

  • @lizzyrenee

    Wyatt is a skilled actor with an excellent grasp of direction and character. His recordings are clear and high quality, and he excels in bringing passion and humor into his work. The character I cast his as was a little on the wacky side, and I could tell he had fun with it--I couldn't help but grin when I heard his initial audition. Wyatt puts so much heart into his work, and I would be happy to work with him again any time.

  • @02drop

    Wyatt was great. He took direction very well and was able to provide his own creative takes on them as well. He has a great voice. Highly recommend!

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    Wyatt Is a Great Voice Actor With a Nice Personality And Good Line-Delivery. Quick And Easy To Work With. Would Work With Him, Again. ;)