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About projectalpha22

I have been called a bootleg Chris Sabat, Steve Blum, and Martin Billany before. 

While I will never claim to have as much talent as them, combining the three gives a good idea of my vocal range.

 I am most at home voicing low-toned characters. I can do accents, but it is not my strong suit. Lastly, I am an amateur Audio Engineer, so I assure you if you hear noise in an Audition for a professional or very serious project,  it is something I can remove, however often I either forget or don't notice it. If that is the case, I usually mention it, but I figured I would restate that.

As for roles I have been cast for-

Spike- Cowboy Bebopridged

K1B0- DanganRonpa V3 Fandub

VoiceOver - 3AM Or One Good Night

Sailor Blue- Splatoon Manga Fandub

Sakamoto- Nichijou Fandub

Various Other Roles

  • @memiko209

    This guy can do TOM. Literally.

  • @ashif

    ProjectAlpha is a really amazing guy with an amazing personality, he was a Voice Actor for my project and he has a really good talent in Voice Acting, I have had no complains to him in regards of anything! He provided his lines on time, never was late! Also, he is very informative, in some occasions he helped me to NOT do certain things which may lead to a negative impact, and I am very thankful for that. I really want him to be known out there to other project directors/owners and want him to be cast for suitable roles.

  • @ryu-ematsu

    He was a joy to work with and his delivery was spot on.