What is Casting Call Club?

Read all about us on the about page! About us

I'm a voice actor. How much should I charge for my voice?

Have a look at this handy dandy average rates chart. Average rates

How do I audition for a role?

  • 1. Go to any project page, find the role you want to audition for, and click "browse files."
  • 2. Click "Submit audition"

You will need to actually record your audition using a program on your computer

How do I know if I am cast for a role?

You will receive an email. Don't you worry.

How can I contact the people I cast for my project?

Head on over to your command center and you'll see a list of roles you need to finalize. Here

Something's broken, who do I tell?

The best person is a Moderator at [email protected]