Frequently Asked Questions

What is Casting Call Club?
Read all about us on the about page! About us

What is the project rating and how is it calculated?

Project rating is our attempt to predict if we think the project will actually get done. It is not a quality rating. Ratings are calculated every hour. The algorithm looks at these things:

How do I audition for a voice actor / singer role?

How do I know if I am cast for a role?
You'll get an email. Don't you worry. Make sure you can actually receive emails from

What timezone is CCC in?

Why do you convert all the audio files to MP3?
Back in the day, there was no universally-supported audio format; it was common to include an MP3, an AIFF, and a WAV, and write code to load different files in different environments.
Happily, MP3s are supported in all mainstream browsers, including Internet Explorer 9. They also compress very well, leading to much smaller filesizes than lossless alternatives.

Something's broken, who do I tell?
The best person is a Moderator at [email protected]

Common Payment Questions

Why should I pay?

Trust and Community

1. Casting Call Club is a free site for anyone to use. We want to keep it free. But servers costs money, so do designers, partnerships, storage space, emails, chat systems, etc. If you decide to upgrade to a paid membership, all of the proceeds goes to making CCC better for all of us.
2. The founder of CCC doesn't take a salary. He built the site because he is a creator, like you, and he is a massive fan of the community.
3. You get some sweet site perks!


How can I find out if CCC is right for me?

The best way is to simply sign up and give it a try. It is free to use.

How does your pricing compare to other similar software?

There are several websites that focus on parts of the creative process — job marketplaces, or community, and others. We don’t consider any of these competitors.
Casting Call Club is for the long-tail of creators - the indies, the ones just starting, the ones practicing. We largely focus on the creator trying to make a name for themselves.
We don't compete with Fiverr and Upwork in the sense that we are not a marketplace. We think that creation should be collaborative and social.

Security & Privacy

How is data protected within CCC?

Our servers are located in Amazon’s AWS data centers. CCC uses an availability zone within AWS’ us-east-1 region, all located in Northern Virginia (U.S.A.). AWS has devoted an entire portion of their site to explaining their security measures, which you can find here:

What is CCC's approach to data privacy?

We do not sell your data to third parties. Anything you post privately on the site is never shared or revealed to third parties. A more in-depth privacy policy can be found here

Where can I find your Terms of Service?

Billing & Invoicing

I want to cancel my subscription. How do I do that? Can we get a refund?

You can change your subscription level, including downgrading to the Free plan, at any time.
  • If you downgrade, your subscription will remain active through the end of the billing period, but you will not be charged again.
  • We do not offer refunds

What are my payment options?

Credit card or PayPal