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About bumblebeary

Gamer and voice actress extraordinaire, I love telling stories and look forward to being able to being a part of yours! My specialties lie in teens and young adults, medium-high range...unless you need some sultry sound, and then I sound like an adult. My audiobooks can be heard on the profile of Annelise Marie Belmonte at Amazon's ACX page.

My passions are mysteries, romances, and basically anything that encourages healthy self-discovery! I also like select science fiction and horror. Reading, writing, fan videos, and gaming are a part of my code, so to speak. MFA in Game Design almost complete!

Demos & Samples

Commercial Example 2016

This is an example of some voices I can do for commercial work but my fan characters are separate. Let me know if you'd like a sample!

Animation Reel

For more, message me! Miserable Life of Melva - The Babysitter, Jenn, Ryan's Mom, Sonnya - AMPLITUDE: A Visual Novel, Paloma - Fallout: Chicago Blues

Southern Accent Sample

Audiobook narration I did for the Trailer Park Princess: The Middle Finger of Fate where I had to be multiple Southern American characters