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About HappyGunner_VA

Greetings! I hope this page finds you well!

My name is HappyGunner and I am an aspiring voice-over actor. While I may be somewhat new to the business, I am eager to learn and make the most of the opportunities that are out there.

Education-wise, there is not much to say for me for now. That said, I am in consultation sessions with several voice-over groups, been in workshops with Lainie Frasier, and have been in a one-on-one consultation with Susan Bernard.

While my experience with voice-over work is limited, I am looking for any way to improve and hone the tricks of the trade. My experiences in voice-over can be found using this Youtube playlist link:

My primary focuses in voice-over are animation voice acting and promotional work. I am looking to expand those talents into other areas of voice-over work, but for now I am seeking to improve my abilities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little introduction and if you are in need of deep-voiced speaking talent, don't hesitate send me a message!

  • @donut

    He voiced Sans for me and he was Amazing!
    He has talent. I totally Recommend this guy