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Zapanda Amanda

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About Zapanda Amanda

My name is Amanda "ZaPanda". I'm a non-binary voice actor I love acting and playing different characters, and always wanted to do voice acting from a young age. Inspired from a love of cartoons as well as anime, I hope to bring my enthusiasm to all I do! Additional information available at:

An individual with a very broad range of voices, from mid-low, to high
                                                                                          -Voice accents in American-English, Canadian-English, Received British English, Brooklyn, Irish, Upper Midwest Southern American, Russian, and Spanish      

-Fluent in English. Basic conversational Japanese 会話日本語 -Extroverted and excellent at communication. Fast response times and professional demeanor                
-Singer (Mezzo Soprano) 

Available on  Discord and Zoom for interviews/live direction.

Let's work together and all have fun and create something beautiful~

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

  • @skycast-studio

    Zapanda's currently a part of my video game project, titled Never Walk Alone, as a supporting character. From the time I cast her to now, she's been incredible. She gave the character so much flavor and amazed me more and more with each line, her character felt more human than just a character, all thanks to her portrayal, she's practically born for the role, but enough about my project, if you're a content creator on CCC and you get the chance to see her audition on your casting call, choose her! not only would she be an amazing fit for your project, but she's dedicated, talented, you will not be disappointed. I think that's all, no? Yeah, I'mma just leave this riiiiiight here.

  • @alizawren

    Zapanda is very pleasant to work with. She delivers high quality lines in a timely manner. I never have to do any directing work, because she nails the lines so well (though if I ever want a line redo, she's more than capable of providing one). In addition, she always keeps a positive attitude about the project. I highly recommend working with her--you won't be disappointed!

  • @tylerl

    Panda has fantastic range and brings one of the best attitudes towards all projects. She constantly compliments others. Her voice work is some of the best I've heard and she is a very hard worker!

  • @purpleboy

    Panda is one of the Most Amazing VAs I've ever heard, Her range and attitude are Amazing making her a pleasure to work with.
    If you want a Hard working,Versatile and Kind person for your project the Panda's the gal for you!

  • @hikari-no-uta

    Zapanda is an amazing person to work with. Her lines were in early and done without the need for redos! She's really friendly and did the most adorable voice for this project. If you're looking for someone with good work ethic look no further~

    I look forward to our continued work together

  • @zel

    Panda always blows me away whenever I hear her voice for my project, she does Fuyuko so wonderfully! Also very lovely to work with! Truly a wonderful person.

  • @cosmicdawn

    Zapanda is a great Voice Actor, very polite easy to talk to, and most of all very professorial I'm happy with the work she's given me thus far and look forward to work with her more in the future :)