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About digvoice


Dan's mission is to deliver high-quality, professional audio in
a timely manner.  With a home studio and quality equipment on hand, every project, no matter the size or scope, is given his full effort and
attention, the end result being polished and broadcast ready.  He adapts quickly and takes
direction well, tweaking his voice to match the needs the project.  With over 4 years of experience working with a diverse range of clients, Dan has made a lasting impression on every project of which he has been a part.  

His website: https://www.digvoice.com/


Dan values the opportunity to understand the nuances of a character.  To transform them from lines of dialogue in a script into living, breathing voices with a whole history of experience that drives their motivations.

He values the creativity of the writers and directors who fuel the story and articulate a desired performance.

Lastly, he values his fellow voice actors.  Those who inspire him everyday with their amazing performances and ambition. 


AccentsUS General American
US Mid-Atlantic
US New York
US South

  • @atwistedworld

    Dgold is by far my favorite voice actor I have worked with in a while -- originally cast as Aaron Cooper in the previous iterations of my podcast, I had to bring him back in newest version despite the lack of that character. His over all dedication to the roll astounds me every time I'm listening to his takes.

    5/5 Would recommend.

  • @sherib143

    We worked together on my latest project, Til Death. He played the psycho patient, which is a very hard role to nail because you can be either too much or not enough and Dig did PHENOMENAL! He was so perfect, his energy was astounding and his lines were crisp! He added an element to my project that was much needed. I definitely recommend him! Great Job Dig!

  • @deleted91023

    Digvoice is a great person to work with! He shows a lot of enthusiasm and produces quality work. He is both talented and diligent. If you're in need of a professional, then I'd defiantly recommend him!

  • @better-then

    Worked alongside Dan Gold on the Life is Strange: Better Then animation/audiobook project. Amazing voice actor, the audio quality is really good and managed to get everything recorded in a few days! Really enjoyed working with him and look forward to the next time.

  • @cmea

    Dan was an incredible actor to work with, over the course of a few projects (one of which is still ongoing, but with the voicing parts completed). Dan was very passionate in his work, delivered many voice samples until a perfect match was found, then stuck to it very well. The sound quality is top tier, and the fun or serious voices really can match most characters. He was very timely as well, and offered revisions whenever needed. A great choice!

  • @deleted79512

    Dan is one of the very talented voice actors that I had in an audio drama project that I wrote. Between his audition and the few things he tried out before we settled on the voice for the project, he really showed his amazing range. Dan is a wonderful and valuable asset to any project, he takes direction very well, and he's very timely with both initial deadlines and anything that needs to be re-recorded. I look forward to working with him again!