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About aerohed

Some say he's crazy. Some say he just loves dumb jokes. Yet others say he's a great person to be cast in any role he auditions for...

Hi, I'm Aerohed, and the things said above me have definitely been said by real* people. Essentially, I'm a dedicated VA-in-training that's trying to bring you the best quality out of a given role. I'm constantly expanding what voices I can do, and I will do my best to deliver "sound" lines (heh). So, with that in mind, I hope you can see me working on your projects!

*Note: "real" in this context may or may not mean imaginary.

  • @keysaudio

    Aerohed has an amazing work ethic. He always kept in contact, and was very reliable in his scheduling and deadlines.

    As a voice actor, his cadence, delivery and voice served the character 'Maeda' very well. He took direction very seriously and it showed in his performance. I would love to work with this voice actor again in the future!

  • @mrsmelissasheldon

    Aerohed was friendly, professional, and on time with lines. He gave a stellar performance, and with little to no direction needed! He’s got a great voice, and I highly recommend working with him if you can, I know I would again. Thanks for being part of this project!

  • @retrokraken

    IDK I just found them and saw that they had 2 recommendations but I just saw them on 2 different things I was going to try voiceing in less then five minutes and they are just good with the mixing of there voice over different characters

  • @toxicure

    Aerohed is one of the finest VAs I have had the pleasure of working with. He is quick, fun, and provides high quality work. I know I can always approach him and he's always willing to give his best and top quality work. I fully enjoy having him on my team, he's pretty well self managed and can provide you with exactly what you need even if just given written directions. I HIGHLY recommend him, wholeheartedly. This is a person destined to be pro.