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About mylesM

If you make the choice to add me to your team of voice actors, you can expect one thing: consistent quality. I've been trained by a vocal coach for jazz performance, and much of that experience carries over into voice acting very well. I have charisma, passion, and energy, along with skill in group environments. I give every project my all. I’m learning new things every day, and I take direction well.

As a result of my experience with voice acting, I have become more creative, and my self-esteem is very strong. I've been thankful to appear on YouTube in many videos by up-and-coming directors. I also have skill with leadership, and take pride in assisting directors with organizing their projects to make them the best they can be.

I can't wait to use all of these skills to make your project one of the greatest and most memorable of its kind.

  • @talonsims

    When it comes to professionalism, Myles is the epitome. He is always striving to keep high spirits among team members and cast, and will always go out of his way to solve problems. His intentions and results are always positive. There are certain times where I would not have been able to reconcile certain situations without him. I am truly appreciative of the bond as friends that I have made with him, knowing that this is just the beginning in what we can achieve together.

    MylesM's voice acting is phenomenal, as he is always striving for his best. The right inflections and delivery comes natural to him, as he can really sense how a character would say each line. Humble and gracious, Myles is never afraid to ask for a second opinion on his voices, and does so with an urgency to improve. If you are able to work with Myles in his project, or along side him as a VA, you will never be disappointed in the amount of talent and ardor he radiates from his being!

  • @voicedbykenneth

    Myles and I have worked together on a number of occasions, and in the process, I have had the pleasure of witnessing him bring a unique flair to his characters that allows them to stick out from the crowd. That is the very essence of Myles' capabilities as an actor as well. He has an eye for unique reads that are true to the characters of those he plays. His voice is smooth, warm, and full of personality. He is extremely adaptable to direction, and he offers an array of skills to any project with which he is involved. He is adept with acting, direction, editing, mixing, and writing. I am also very proud to state that over the our time working together, we have become personal friends; and I am very excited for any and all opportunities we might have to work together in the future.

  • @empish

    Myles works impressively fast, and at a very high quality and level of professionalism. I literally have nothing I can complain about!

  • @guitarchon

    I was not only fortunate enough to voice act alongside Myles, but he was kind enough to lend me his vocal talents for one of my own projects. In both instances, Myles has shown incredible skill in front of the microphone and was a joy to work with.

    Not only was his turnaround time fast and efficient, but his sound quality and performance were nigh untouchable.

    Ten out of ten. Would recommend.

  • @joseph-frost

    When I first meet Myles it was a nice change of pace from everyone else. I was just getting started on this site and I saw nothing but this man's praise. And I was very skeptical to take it at face value so I approached him and he surprised me. He just wanted to congratulate me on my work. He didn't want or ask of anything from me which was such a nice breathe of fresh air. And ever since that moment we have been close friends in the field of VO work. I have seen him grow into a fine voice actor dare I say it a great voice actor. He doesn't slack on his work and any product he does is put will his 100% best effort. I am glad I meet Myles and I think you should too it can only help you in life and your project!