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About Lauren Joy VA

Lauren Joy (aka Seventh of Sages) is a motivated, professional, and enjoyable voice actor to work with. Her voice has a dynamic range from low, toned, and sultry to high, clear, and energetic! She delivers well-performed, depth-of-character product in a timely and organised fashion.   

She is invested in advancing her knowledge in the industry through enrollment in VA advancement courses and broadening her skill set for vocal performance by continually taking on new challenges! She strives to make each and every project a unique, satisfying, and ultimately joyful experience that yields a quality and memorable product. 

Lauren Joy loves the process of conveying emotion and story through voice. As such, her focuses are in video games, anime, and narration, but she is willing to take on almost any job! One of Lauren Joy's goals is to work on a Zelda franchise project. 

Way to Connect:
Twitter @LaurenJoyVA
Instagram @LaurenJoyVA
- Discord @LaurenJoyVA#6723
- Email: LaurenJoyVA (at) gmail (dot) com

  • @gamesjayplays

    Lines arrived promptly on time and met my quick deadline despite being an emergency cast! Easy to work with and can follow directions! Great casting on my part!

  • @zutheskunk

    Provided excellent quality voiceover for my mod for TES4: Oblivion and even did a few retakes, despite her being busy with her job and being scheduled for a trip outside the country that was meant to take place not long after taking the role. Perfect casting for a cat-like character!

  • @missmamawork

    SeventhofSages is a joy to work with. Ready to start with the project, asks good questions and her voice is lovely to listen to.
    I am glad to have her on board.

  • @infiz9001

    Delivered lines fairly quickly for my fan series, Dragon Ball Ultimate as Caulifla, and is great to work with!