Voice School: Reserve Your Seat

Need more information? It's all right here on the Voice School website

Classes are from Feb 4 - Apr 22th.

How do I reserve my seat?

We tie your unique code directly to you, so one the tuition is paid, your seat is reserved. We will show you a confirmation screen to confirm as well.

Can I get a recording of the classes?

Not all classes are guaranteed to recorded, but we'll do our best.

How secure is this?

We use Braintree, which is owned by PayPal, to process these payments. No credit card information is ever stored on our servers. In fact, it goes directly to Braintree/PayPal so it never even reaches our servers. To put it this way, if the bad guys hacked our entire payment system, all they would get are a bunch of email addresses.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. It costs CCC money every time a refund is issued. Please be sure you want to take this course before you purchase it.