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About tresnick

Hey there, folks! I'm Tom -  a multi-hyphenate, restless creative.

Following my affinities has led me to hone a variety of skills, including art, design, composition, and voice acting. I have a passion for creative design and interactive media, and I am driven to ensure anything I am involved with is held to a high standard of quality and polish.

Thanks for looking!

  • @ynstbih

    If you're looking for a male khajiit voice actor, Tresnick is the man. He bring personality, quality and tops it off with capturing the essence of Morrowind and Oblivion style voice work.

  • @theninjawhippet

    I cast TResnick based on *one* audition for his character, and he went beyond my expectations for the role.
    His character only has a small role in the project, and could have easily just been another background character, but TResnick breathed *so* much life and personality into him without at any point stealing the show.
    I thoroughly recommend him for any project.

  • @mastervertex

    I got a very convincing male Gnome voice from Tresnick with a sound that would fit into the Warcraft games easily. Not only was the voice convincing, I got readings with different emotions and pacing for my lines plus extra lines. My animation was already finished, but if you do the voice acting first you will gain a lot of room for experimentation with his extra lines.

  • @yossarian22

    He's a great guy and an awesome voice actor, who delivers top quality in short time. He also shows a great empathy for his roles. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would do so again without hesitation.

  • @bmarlo

    I cast Tresnick for the role of Cad Bane in a Star Wars Comic Dub.
    He totally exceeded my expectations for such a difficult voice to imitate. That and his professional approach to all he takes on, would make him an asset to any project he may be involved in, in the future.
    It was an honor to work with Tresnick, and I hope to do so again someday.

  • @vandos

    Tom was initially just our voice actor but when the other composer had to leave due to medical trouble Tom jumped in heroically and saved the day for our project.

    The music timed well with our video, and the result is more than satisfactory. He's quick and humble, and should ask a lot more for his talent! ;)