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About uiriamu

Hey, my name is William, but online I usually go by the name Uiriamu. Its kind of silly if we're speaking in english to say my name like that, so those I meet can either call me Will, or Amu.

I'm 27 years old and spend most of my time working, but otherwise I am finding roles to audition for, practice said roles in my spare time, or work on singing. Finding the right balance is very hard to do, but is key. 

I made my first demo back in 2015, a professional commercial demo reel, and I am working on an animation demo reel to be released sometime in August or September of this year. 

I work with a talent agency out of New York City known as PN Agency, and otherwise i have begun audition for roles out of casting call and on voices.com. If you like the auditions I've done, roles I've been casted as, or really like the demo, send me a message and I'll be down to talk about a voice you'd like to bring to life. :)