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Shan Manus

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About Shan Manus

My name is Adam Shannon and I'm relatively new to the VA/VO scene and am looking for roles to build my portfolio. I've been doing voices and impersonations almost all my life. Looking to make a hobby or career out of VA/VO. 

          24 years (09/13/1996)
Time Zone: 

          -Central Time Zone (Nashville, Tennessee)
Voice Type:
         -Male (young adult, adult, elderly)                            
         -High-Mid-to-Deep tone 
          -Can do most impressions within vocal range.
          -American, Southern, Northern (most), Irish, English, German, Russian...etc.
          -Rode NT1 large diagphram condenser microphone, run through my Zoom H5 portable recorder as an interface or recorded straight to SD card. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Monitor Headphones as a monitor, and my custom built work-station PC for editing.