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About Gingersid

Hello, my name is Shane Motal, also known as Ginger Sid online. I am 24 years old, and have been doing voice over again since April 2018, I had prior experience when I was around 15 but unfortunate foresight had me let it go for a while.

Returning back with new knowledge and experience I am ready to keep going with a professional manner that is to aim please and get it done on deadline.

Range: My normal voice is around medium to light, both allowing me to voice characters that are children,teens, and young adults. I am not shy to curse, and effort noises are often easy for me. Examples can be heard in the demo reel above.

  • @voicecast-freeman

    Despite dealing with an illness for the duration of the recording period, I most impressed with Gingersid's ability to communicate with me and keep me up-to-date so the production wasn't left in the lurch. Has an excellent "young man type" voice, so if you need that kind of role filled in a videogame or anime work, I can safely say Gin is your guy! Very pleasant to work with and turns in quality recordings.