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About paladinus

Bi-lingual (English, Russian).

Extensive experience with VO for video games, podcasts, and narration in both languages.

  • @atwistedworld

    Paladinus is an intrical part of The Haven Chronicles -- not only because he helped with some Russian translations, but also because he is spot always punctual with his line delivery.

  • @flatlight-productions

    Paladinus is an excellent voice actor! High quality voice over, brilliant chatting time, helped me with some fun russian language lines aswell. The delivery time was very nice too. He didint mind that he had to do a lot of lines for me at all.

    Would recommend him for anyone who is looking for an brilliant voice actor that can also do a great job translating english to russian.

  • @mauritsio

    Paladinus immediately notified us he would not be able to record his character for us due to real-life circumstances until a week before our designated deadline. Despite this, Paladinus proved to be very punctual - promising us his full batch of voice lines within four days. And exactly four days later, he delivered. After some back-and-forth to improve on some specific lines, we perfected the character's voice swiftly making sure to add onto the already great voice he gave us in his audition.
    When you work with Paladinus, expect him to portray quite a faithful rendition of your character with speed.