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About jdleyden

I'm new to the voice acting field, but have had years of experience on stage in plays and musicals. I've also had a few small parts on the History Channel and served as a body double for a lead actor.

I enjoy experimenting with character voices, but also have a large range with my natural voice and pitch (I usually classify myself as a baritone, but can push a bit lower and higher). I have a lot of control over my falsetto (and have performed as a counter-tenor/soprano) which lends itself to some very unique sounds and voices!
I have extensive experience in audio production for music and a bit of experience in post-production audio. This experience gives me a lot of opportunities to use unique and intricate editing and vocal effects, while still retaining natural, and high-quality audio.
Let me know if you're looking for something special or "weird" and I'd be happy to play around with sounds until we can get it right!

Discord: HellaJonny#4453