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About skullface

Joshua Belmonte: I'm a lover of pro-wrestling, Fallout, and comic books. So if you see me audition it's mostly for those roles. I also will do anything and put 100% effort behind every script. I love voice acting and it's a fun getaway from real life stress.

Jillana Kucey: I am a classically trained singer who also loves to act. I love to write and I have become very interested on folklore about strong women. 

  • @hadas-rose

    Skullface did a great job on the role of "Id" for my Xenogears project, and submitted his lines very promptly! Thank you!

  • @deleted138390

    skullface voiced Thanos for a rap battle I made, and even if it was his first time doing something like this he did great, he always replied fast and recorded fast too, so yeah, I really recommend him!

  • @eternity-studios

    I started a project called Black Phoenix : Phoenix Squad. Skullface was one of the first auditions received for the lead role of Markus Pearce. Honestly, I couldn't have imagined any other voice for the main role. He did an amazing job, very active and excited. You see those voice actors that just auditions for any role for the hell of it. But Skullface isn't like them. When he auditions, is casted, and goes to work on the project, he puts his 110% in and even adds more to the character. Very easy to work with!