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About SMc

Hello there!

My name is Steve, and I do voices!

When I first watched Robin
Williams performing voice over in Mrs. Doubtfire as a child, I knew it
was something that I would love to do. I've channeled that love and
passion into a pursuit of voice work that has led me to voicing
everything from commercials and promos to audio dramas, animations,
podcasts, literature narration, and video games.

Oh! And I do a great impression of a hot dog.

For any inquiries, please message me here on CCC, via my website (, or shoot an email my way

at stevemcgrathvo(at)gmail(dot)com

To see what projects I'm currently involved in, check out the "Client" section below!


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  • @th3overseer

    SMc nailed the intended voices/mannerisms of his roles without the need for any input or direction on my end. He got back to me with everything recorded in an extremely short timespan, having provided multiple takes for each line. His mic quality was also excellent, and is one of the very few times where I didn't feel any need to apply a background-noise-removal filter while working with the audio on my end. I would recommend him for any interested parties, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

  • @bwthehorrorman

    One of the first people who auditioned for my project and managed to speak in the perfect voice for the role with my directions. He's a really friendly guy to have in the cast and is extremely helpful and talented.

  • @mauritsio

    Our team initially had a conflict deciding between two voice actors for the lead role in our project. Our main deciding factors were tone and speed of delivery. After I got to have the deciding vote, I can gladly say that in the end our entire team was convinced Steve was the right choice. After some necessary direction, Steve delivered the entirety of his voice lines (200+) in one go and we had nothing to comment on it. Steve sufficiently added onto the notes regarding speech style which we left for him and delivered within the designated deadline, despite indicating experiencing inconveniences due to real-life circumstances.
    When you work with Steve, expect quality on his first try.

  • @mrsmelissasheldon

    Steve is an absolute delight to work with. Not only does he have a wonderfully warm, confident timbre to his voice, but he delivers a quality performance. Steve gave me not only the written lines, but added a greater depth to the characters with his spot on ad-libbing. I can’t recommend him ENOUGH for any projects you’re doing! He can deliver lines with ease, veracity, and a natural quality that is rare to find. Thank you for being a part of this project!

  • @razi-the-red-rw-estep

    Provided quality work in a reasonable time frame and was completely professional in all aspects of our interaction.

  • @binary-rose

    Awesome line delivery and a pleasure to work with!