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Hi! My name is Connor Miranda, I'm a 5th year college student currently working towards my Master's Degree in Drama and Theatre. The main reason I am on here is to hone my voice over skills, get some experience for the future, and hopefully make some friends along the way. I am California born and raised and realized the VO business is one I wanted to join my first year of college. I always thought I would be a programmer until I realized... I absolutely sucked at it and hated it, but now here I am and this is obviously much more fun (and physically taxing sometimes!) As I'm sure most people on here are, I'm a huge fan of gaming, console or PC. Thanks to any who have helped me along the way or given me pointers. Constructive criticism is always welcome, how else will I improve other than just getting more experience? Thanks for checking out my profile if you've read this far!

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    Outstanding an professional voice actor. Sent in his lines in a very timely manner. A pleasure to work with.

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    Extremely helpful, always on time with works, amazing voice, very understanding, and dependable