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Kailynn H

"How can I serve the story?"

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About Kailynn H

I am a 27 year old voice actor that has had years of animation/interactive media VO experience.I have been actively honing my VO skills for 5 years and find an immense amount of joy in collaborating with passionate storytellers and independent creators.

A note to all casting directors, I am a part of several voice over projects in various stages of production, so if I do not receive a deadline from you after I have been cast for your project I will assume that materials that I am given are purely to better inform my recordings in the future, or the materials that were given are not the finished product. My calendar is organised by deadlines, so if no deadline is given, I will wait to record until one is given. When I receive a deadline from the crew of a project, I will meet it and be in communication via email or discord depending on preference.

On CCC I accept payment primarily through PayPal, but other means of payment can be arranged upon request.

If you are interested in working with me, or want to know more about my experience in the VO industry, don't hesitate to contact me!

  • @calbuck-va

    This man..... This beast of a voice actor!!! Omg, I can't even form a sentence he's that good!

    Flimsyranger has been apart of my projects like TDAU for a long time as a broken character named Padraig. Flimsy is the absolute definition of a Voice Actor. He brought a character I created to life and I even got teary-eyed one time because of it. I shit you not. This guy is just bloody brilliant.

    And now his portrayal as Officer Rick Grimes in our The Walking Dead Comic Dub series just adds more to why I love this guy!!! I really can't wait to continue working with him.

    Thank you bro. Thank you...