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  • @pscoldfire

    I did a minor paid role for his New Vegas Redesigned project. I am happy to have worked with a very honest director.

  • @aspiringsinger15

    A very, very impressive range of voice! One moment he was yelling and the next he was acting very sweet and tender. I was very impressed with the acting I received. He also took direction very well and was willing to work with me to make the project amazing. I would happily work with him again.

  • @wolfvo

    I had the good fortune of being found by Dracomies for a game re-voicing project.
    Once we connected, his directions were clear, concise, he allowed me freedom to interpret his text, experimenting with vocal phrasing and intent. And he was very eager to make sure business was taken care of.

    Very good chap to work with.

  • @chuckthompsonva

    I recently had the luck to be cast by Dracomies for a small role in his New Vegas Redesigned project. He was very professional and clear in his communication. I would definitely work with him again.

  • @zachwells

    I had the pleasure of being cast as a voice role for Dracomies' Brave New World project. He was kind, patient, professional, and always quick with feedback. He knows exactly what he wants, and is always willing to work with you to get to that point.

    He also helped me optimize my recording set up, and taught me skills and techniques that'll be invaluable in my career moving forward.

    I would absolutely work with him again. Keep up the good work, Draco!

  • @daroninenigma

    Very, very professional through the entire casting and recording process. The feedback provided throughout the process was extremely helpful and he was very forthcoming with answering questions, identifying areas of opportunity, and calling out the successes of our work in tandem.

    If the opportunity arose again, I would take on another project with dracomies in a heartbeat!

  • @brookemorganva

    Dracomies was the first director I got to work with on CCC. He sent me videos he specifically made for me on how to get the best audio I can from my microphone, as well as videos clearing up the delivery of a line! Additionally, he was patient with me when I was sick and unable to record to the best of my ability.
    All in all, he is everything a voice actor could want in a director; getting to work with him is an amazing experience.

  • @zachjvo

    I had the pleasure of working with Dracomies for my first ever project on Casting Club. A clear and prompt communicator, pays fairly l, and knows exactly what’s needed for the project. Would work with Dracomies again in a heartbeat!

  • @karlawson

    I provided the voice of Decanus Alexus on Dracomie's New Vegas project.

    He is a great director and enjoys the process, regularly using his voice to mimic what he wants the actor to sound like, helping to achieve his desired sound. He uses imagery and allusion to his advantage, also helping to achieve the desired final product.

    Dracomies has great feedback notes. At least for mine, I was having a hard time placing the character, so the audio feedback sent to me was invaluable to help me get a good read on the character, intensity, and power of the role.

    All in all, payment was quick and definitely satisfactory, recording feedback was prompt and detailed, and the project was also pretty quick to roll, of course this is a dynamic project, so there are times when changes and setbacks will happen.

    I would definately recommend Dracomies as both a director/producer and as a voice talent!

    Thanks for the role and opportunity, my friend.

  • @unshavenraven

    Worked on multiple projects with Dracomies, and it's always been a great experience. Very detail oriented and descriptive with instructions, yet also is very flexible when it comes to additional brain storming and ad libbing from actors.

  • @taylasmithva

    Absolutely brilliant individual, I provided voice work as an extra in his project and learned so much from him. Without him, I wouldn't properly be using my microphone and wouldn't have many of the tricks that I use to sound better. He is incredibly professional throughout the entire process and sent me individual helpful recordings and explanations about my lines. If the chance ever arose again I would be honored to work with them.

    He is exactly the type of director we need on websites like this and in the world, I have been acting professionally for four years and have had few experiences as lovely as working with Dracomies.

  • @cireva

    Honest director who pays promptly and generously. Actors keep an eye out for his projects!

  • @deleted80609

    Dracomies clearly respects the craft of the voice actor and that was clear through the entire project. As a VA, respect, encouragement and good direction helps me in my performance. He was with me every step of the way during the recording process and I personally feel I became a better actor because of his direction. He is professional and passionate about his projects, and I know the end result will be something I can be proud of. I highly recommend him.

  • @adaboy

    Fantastic experience. Once the work was done payment was immediate. A joy to work with too. I hope to do more projects with Dracomies.

  • @khobis

    Dracomies was very responsive and quick to turn his lines in for our project, in which we have strict deadlines, and so he made my work a lot easier.

    His ability to act out shouty lines properly, and with good audio, made him stand out. His voice can be described as friendly and trustworthy, and so with these qualities, Dracomies was the spot-on cast.

    Dracomies as Minuteman Radioman:

  • @canariaproductions

    We've had the honor to work with Dracomies on Masked Memory (a text-based adventure). His role required a perfect performance as he voiced the protagonist’s neighbor during a time of crisis.

    He delivered his lines perfectly and with little direction. On hearing his performance, you can’t help but feel the urgency and terror.

    His communication was much appreciated as he always kept us up to date. The recordings were delivered in record time with amazing quality. What more could you ask for?

    We will definitely be working with him again in the near future and highly recommend you do, too.

  • @daniellebryn

    Dracomies gives detailed instructions, excellent feedback, and their copy writing is top notch. Super communicative and reachable, too!