Everyday man looking to be a voice actor. The role will decide the voice.

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About beardyman

Hello! My name is Jacob Eccles. I'm an aspiring voice actor from Norwich, England.  

I have had a passion for performing ever since I was ten years old when I went to a drama school, which went from a small one month test period, into three years of learning. I have been voice acting for four years now and have been very lucky to be a part of both amateur and professional voice over projects, and have spent the last five years teaching myself audio engineering. I am confident that my knowledge both in front and behind the microphone will help me work with a range of directors.


Pricing can be negotiable as it can be project specific, however my standard rates are listed below in GBP (Pound Sterling)

1,000 lines and above I charge 10p per line

500-1,000 lines I charge £50

500 and below can be anywhere between £25-£35

As stated above, this is negotiable. I'm not going to charge you £25 for two simple lines on a supporting character.

  • @atwistedworld

    Beardyman is an amazing voice actor -- pretty sure the only reason anybody listened past episode 1 is because of his voice. His voice is somewhere between Master Chief and God.

  • @tintenseher

    Wonderful talent, resonant voice, very friendly and punctual, an absolute pleasure to work with.

  • @uuntiedshoelace

    Jacob is an incredibly talented voice actor. He is professional, prompt with his work, and has a really impressive range. I'd absolutely recommend him for anybody wanting quality audio and an actor who is pleasant to work with.

  • @mrbohemian

    Beardyman was multicast within my work, The Dreamers: A Play of Playing, a full length theater script and WoW machinima.

    A very thoughtful voice actor with a knack for Eastern accents. I fell in love with his deep, sage personae that gave my play's intro monologue a high tier. He was always quick to provide a new personality out of his hat when I asked him to participate further with different characters.

  • @voicecast-freeman

    Amazing voice, authoritative yet warm with plenty of gravitas. Despite having a lead role with a significant time zone difference, retakes (when needed) were always sent promptly and communication was always consistent when issues came up. His talent was a revelation on my Valkyria Chronicles 4 Fandub Project - and it's obvious the man has serious pipes. Punctual, personable, AND the voice of God... not much more a director can ask for!

  • @xoleras

    He provides consistent and proper sound quality and demonstrates the ability to act out a variety of personalities, bringing characters to life off the script.

  • @anbeegod

    Jacob worked with me on Onmund for Shezarrine Prologue. His voice acting quality is incredible and the audio quality is good too. Capable of a wide range of emotions and personalities, he truly made Onmund a character that felt alive. He was also very patient and tolerant during our work, as the prologue alone took years to finish. His performance as Onmund will remain one of the best parts of the Prologue!