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About ClayThompsonVA

I am fairly new to the voice acting industry or scene or whatever you want to call it. I've wanted to do this for as long as I can remember, and I'm open to anything that comes my way. Be sure to check out my demos, and I will happy to audition for you.

  • @aspiringsinger15

    He worked as the Narrator for my project (a 39k word story) in which about 50% of the story if not more was narration. It's hard to find dedicated voice actors to record that much in a given amount of time, but he's one of those dedicated people! He was an incredible narrator and gave such life to my story as he portrayed varying levels depending on the actions or mood of the moment. I highly recommend as a voice actor but especially for narrations.

  • @thal1989

    ClayThompsonVA played a lead role in my recent project as a narrator (each chapter averaged about an hour-long) for one of the story arcs. He managed a wide range of character voices and did a great job of conveying tone. Despite the challenges of such a big project, Clay was able to produce his records in a timely manner and was easy to communicate with. Highly recommend.

  • @plotline_progenitor

    ClayThompson performed a very small role as a stern mathematics teacher in my visual novel. I truly didn't expect someone with a voice so perfect for such a small role to just volunteer to my project but he performed his lines in exactly the right way, if our paths ever cross again I would be happy to work with them again

  • @ugly-blue-hat-productions

    Clay KILLED IT as our Irish-American soldier. We were having some trouble finding an actor who could manage the balance between a thick, Irish accent, reading slowly and clearly and still being a charismatic showman. On top of that, Clay had his lines turned around so fast....I'd barely hit the send button on the scripts and he was already back to us. A pleasure and joy to work with -- we'd happily have Clay back on any of our projects, with or without his Irish accent!

  • @rixila

    Clay voiced the main antagonist in my series, and brought forth exactly what I was looking for in the role. He was able to really bring his character to life through his voice acting, and was always very articulate with his lines. His character was vital to bringing the story together, and he definitely nailed it. I’d highly recommend Clay to anyone casting!