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About Airick

An easily approachable, Manhattan based voice actor, I love to voice act, whether I am doing a narration or giving a voice to a character. 

I began voice acting leisurely when Microsoft release 3D Movie Maker in 1995. I found a community of filmmakers and creative minds with whom I could support by providing my voice to voiceless projects. 

Offline I teach video editing and screenplay writing, so I am familiar with the components of editing as well as writing for television/movie screenplays.

Ambitious projects appeal most to me, so let's make something great together!

  • @swih

    Clean and crisp audio at the highest, Airick's voice delivers a perfect performance and has a great work ethic.

  • @chicken-dynasty

    Easy to communicate with, quality voice work, quick delivery - all around fantastic!

  • @cheete

    Easy to talk to, overall nice, great voice -- over all a great performance and time spent working together.

  • @mysteriouschaoscat

    I'm not sure who this is going to, but I've really enjoyed making the Keeper of the Lost Cities dubs with Airick/you as Fitz, a main character in the series, and all the takes I've received. It's always fun to edit the videos and bloopers, and I'm always satisfied with the final product.