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About NoelSadak

About me: 

     My name is Noel and I'm currently a student at Towson University. I'm an electronic film and media major as well as a computer science minor. When it comes to things that I like I'm a pretty diverse person. I love a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, shooting, swimming and taking romantic walks on the beach. I also play a lot of video games and go to the gym a decent amount. I try to stay pretty well rounded. I'm currently in the Marine Corps Reserve and just finished a deploymentI also love football and recently REALLY got into hockey. My teams being the Baltimore Ravens and the Las Vegas Golden Knights respectfully.
      I always wanted to get into voice acting, or have at least played with the idea for quite a while. After discovering that my school had professionally built whisper rooms and studios available to EMF students I figured there was no reason NOT to try it. So yeah. Here I am. Oh yeah I can also edit audio and video decently well. I've also directed my fair share of short films and other projects. Fun stuff, am I right?

 Кроме того, я немного говорю по-русски ;)

Vocal Range:
Medium low to medium high.
"Protagonist" voice 
Younger boy voice

Contact Info:
If you've got any questions or want me to try out some lines, you can message me here.
Twitter - @NoelSadak 
Discord - SauceDaddy#7517
Instagram - noelsadak

Proficient in:
Pro Tools
Final Cut
Adobe Premier Pro 
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop

Demos & Samples

Car theft PSA

I wrote, recorded, and edited this. I think its a decent showcase

Wiseguy demo

Kind of a wiseguy (New York/Gangster) accent

Some more audition recording

English accent with a decent shift in emotion

Normal Voice

My normal voice without any real changes or accents

  • @liannejennifer

    I really good and professional voice-actor. Good to communicate with. And give you a lot of material to work with. Brings the character to life. Thank you so much for working on the project with me.