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I am running a community, Creator's Network, that supports creative productions like mods and machinimas, with the help of our varied and large membership (We has 160+ voice actors sporting great setups and experience).

  • @trollfacetheman

    Helps run the Creator's Network which is a collection of talented voice actors. I have worked with them on some projects and got recommendations on new projects through them. Very nice individual who is extremely helpful and knowledgeable when asked.

  • @khobis

    Solid audition.

  • @tizziq

    I worked with Action fighter on "Fallout: The Frontier" voicing Elyan, and I had a wonderful time working with them. They are very professional, with clear expectations and timelines, making the recording process very stress free! Very clear direction and incredibly easy to work with.. Would love to work with them again! I would highly recommend them!

  • @halo1m

    Great casting organizer and is very upbeat, positive, and communicative.

  • @randyvirdenvo

    ActionFighter is a great VA director and has been helpful in making my career as a VA more successful. He is very detailed in his work, and knows how to get what he needs out of his actors. This has really helped me grow. I am happy to work on any project he directs.

  • @kyo-sija

    He was an absolute delight to have as a VA director. The script was clearly laid out along with excellent direction so that it was really easy to get a feel for what was needed. His feedback was invaluable and he really knows how to get the most out of a performance. If you see this guy is heading up the voice directing for a project I highly recommend that you audition for it as he's a pleasure to work with.

  • @rhiannon-moushall

    They cast me in Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier and I really enjoyed working with them. The process was effortless: I received my lines with context and it was clear when and how they had to be delivered. I really appreciated how streamlined the process was, and admire all the hard work they put into ensuring the voice actors were looked after!

  • @allenandrews

    As the VA Director on Fallout: The Frontier, he was concise, knew exactly what he wanted, and gave direction very well. Working with him is a breeze and a reminder of just how things should go when you're working with professionals! I look forward to any future opportunities to collaborate.


  • @rob-barnett

    A true professional in the voice acting industry! An excellent producer, director and coach all wrapped up into one! Always working on grand projects with the most talented voice actors and production staff. ActionFighter can handle any project and is a dream to work for!

  • @no-springs

    Action did an excellent job as the casting director for Fallout: The Frontier, and I enjoyed the opportunity to work with him.

    Highly recommend; would happily work with him again in the future.