Mission Statement

Casting Call Club

“Casting Call Club is where you practice. It is a safe place to hone your skills and level yourself up. I've always dreamed that CCC becomes the place that people point to when they are asked how they got started.”

“Some of the success stories coming out of CCC are amazing. We've had people go from 0 to 100,000 YouTube subscribers in a year. We've had people land roles in games like Mass Effect and Nier. But the best feeling isn't the big successes, it's the first.”

Buford Taylor
Buford Taylor
Creator of Casting Call Club

Marketplace for Creators

Collaborate with other creators out there and make something amazing.

  • Join hundreds of thousands of other creators
  • Tens of thousands of new projects to work on per month
  • Free to use as long as you want

If you've been a creative for 10 minutes or 10 years, the CCC marketplace will have projects that interest you.

Modern Creator Education

Courses include voice acting, audio engineering, business, ethics, online marketing, and more.

Our industry professional instructors walk students through the processes step by step, ensuring that each concept is understood and practiced. Our goal is not just teaching students the techniques of becoming better creative or technical talents, but to teach how to communicate better, which increases confidence, poise, understanding, and teamwork.