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About CraftyMatt

Looking for a Narrator / Voiceover for your project? Do you need an on-screen actor for your workplace training videos? Or are you looking for a voice for your Promo? Get in touch today and let's put a candy in your ear.

Matt Raftis is a trained professional voiceover artist that specializes in Narration, Promo & Workplace training videos. With a professional home studio and a voice that's versatile described in the casual medium to deep range, his voice is often described as Warm, Approachable, Friendly, Emotive & Authoritative. Business inquiries are guaranteed a response within 24-hours.

  • @nemezar

    CraftyMatt provided my project Dice Hard with the voice of Ivor Shufflebotham. The character is a news presenter, a role Matt grasped very well making his casting an easy choice. Matt provided the lines within a couple days, really appreciate the swift response. Look forward to finishing the project in May and seeing the whole thing come together.

  • @better-then

    Worked alongside Crafty Matt on the Life is Strange: Better Then animation/audiobook project. Amazing voice actor, the audio quality is really good and managed to get everything recorded in a few days! Really enjoyed working with him and look forward to the next time.

  • @fullmetalraz

    Matt was very prompt and efficient with his lines, providing plenty of takes with clean audio and even a few alternate takes for good measure. Would definitely work with him again!

  • @simsberrryva

    CraftyMatt is an amazingly talented voice actor with who I had a pleasure of working with on the machinima series The Kenopsia Effect. He truly made the character his own and managed to record the lines in a few days. I would definitely recommend working with him.

  • @hadas-rose

    I am working with Matt for the role of Sigurd in my Xenogears project. Matt has a great voice and he is exceptionally prompt and professional in adhering to deadlines, providing additional lines, and keeping on top of a project and keeping me informed as the director. I am grateful to be working with such a diligent actor! Thank you for all your hard work, Matt.

  • @luckodastars

    the man does fine work for his voice acting. he is also a joy to work with. we work together on several projects and i am glad to have him with me and other

  • @yenni-ann

    Matt is a very talented and warmhearted person! He picks up direction quickly, follows through with his lines deliveries, and is readily available when needed. I highly recommend him for any mid to low pitch/tone voice over work!

  • @voicecast-freeman

    What more can I say about Matt Raftis? He's reliable, a hard worker, give multiple fantastic takes for every line AND he's Canadian - so you know automatically he's a nice guy too! Whenever a retake was needed, his turnaround time was usually within 24 hours - so you'll get your lines QUICK from him. Matt will always give you 110% on his stuff and is more than willing to work with you on taking a role in whatever direction you'd like. Cast him and you won't regret it.

  • @legendexgames

    I hired Matt to work on something that needed to be done on short notice. Not only did he deliver promptly, but enthusiastically as well. You can definitely tell that he takes his craft seriously. 10/10 would work with Matt again!

  • @jeff-beesler

    CraftyMatt has done a wonderful job narrating my horror book, Dead-End Demons. His characterizations made it easy for me to forget I was listening to an audio book, and made me think I was just about standing alongside the characters. I highly recommend him for audio book or any other form of narration. Way to go, CraftyMatt!

  • @phantasmal-bard-studios

    Matt was cast as one of our gods. He embodied the god of virtue perfectly. He is cooperative, prompt with line delivery and easy to work with. He is a talented actor and your project will be all the better with him in it.