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About ezpz

I have experience with doing VO work for commercials on local, regional, and national TV, radio, and internet for a few businesses.  I am currently working in projects with video game character voices, Documentary film narration, audio drama narration and character voices.   My voice is very deep with gravitas, and a range up to low tenor.  I have some character voices I can do and a few accents as well.  

Demos & Samples

Evil Monolgue

An Evil Monologue

Narration Demo 2

Narration Demo Reel 2

Character Reel

Various Character voices

  • @uzzunoakuma

    As a small director of multiple CC's this man's voice is nothing short of pure amazement, Need a Story-Teller who can emphasize a dark moment? Need a man who can fit the perfect description of a most vile, vicious and most terrible villain? You get this man, just get the let out already this man is by far the most talented I've met and there would be few other men I'd work with to make a good scary story.

  • @digitalmozart

    Ty Harper (aka Ezpz) is an excellent voice actor. Very quick with responses, takes direction very well, and provides incredible quality work. I would definitely call upon him again if I needed to!

  • @zefmiller

    I commissioned Ty Harper (aka Ezpz) to do some voice work for a personal project I was working on and he was great. I received the finished product in a timely manner and he was always available to communicate. I'd highly recommend working with him, it's a great experience

  • @taurianfilms

    Great work, timely, communicative, great voice. I'd listen to this guy read the phone book. If you are not working with him yet, you should be.

  • @publicenemy1

    A man of good character and talent when it comes to voice work, especially when needing a deep intimidating voice for a charater, EZPZ always gets the job done as soon as possible and is willing to take the time to do redos until the line is perfect.

  • @sorokurotama

    Extremly talented

  • @jamesisraelson

    This man is an awesome voice actor. He had good turn around time, and took notes easily. The final product blew me away and kicked my project up to a ten. I wouldn't hesitated to recommend him to anyone! Thanks!

  • @phantasmal-bard-studios

    This man's narration capability is astonishing. His voice is smooth and hypnotic to listen to. He was easy to work alongside and he had a more than reasonable turn-around time for his lines. This man is wonderful. I highly recommend him.

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    Ty is a pretty damn good voice actor. A good deep, blooming voice. Get him the direction and he'll get you good lines. ;) Would work with him, again!

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    Ty Is An Amazing Voice Actor! Great Line-Delivery And An Amazing Blooming Voice. Get This Guy a Script And He'll Make Something Great Out of It. ;)
    Would Work With Him Again.

  • @silent-thrill

    Ty has a one of a kind voice and was fantastic to work with on my project. Highly recommend!