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About Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Justice for All (fan dub)

What is this?

A fan dub of the beloved Ace Attorney game series- specifically the second installment! This particular project is going to be edited and framed in such a way to try and remove most, if not all, of the gameplay elements such as the UI in an attempt to make the experience less invasive and more "cinematic" in a sense.

For those of you unfamiliar with the premise: the Ace Attorney series follows the life and times of Phoenix Wright, a rookie defense lawyer, as he is introduced to a colorful cast of clients who need a legal champion to stand by them and exonerate them of crimes they did not commit. Wright must face off against the cunning, intelligent, and ruthless members of the prosecution, stand by the defendants in their darkest hour, and attempt to discover the truth behind each case that will set his clients free!


Since this is a paid project that I am funding out of my own pocket: a significant level of technical and performance quality is going to be expected. Please ensure that your microphone is capable of recording your performance without picking up overwhelming background noises or excessive peaking/clipping. Simultaneously many of these roles are for larger than life characters who tend to emote HEAVILY- as such most roles will probably involve shouting and even a bit of hamming it up/overacting in some capacity at some time or another so if you cannot commit to the needs of a given role please do not audition as I cannot expect to select someone who cannot give the performance a role requires.

Casting in Regards to Payment:

As I mentioned above- this project is going to be funded directly out of my pocket and as such the audition deadline has been set significantly down the road to better ensure my ability to pay everyone who is selected.

If you are cast I will not expect you to do any recording for me until you are appropriately compensated for your time. So even when auditions are over and every role is cast: I don't want you to do any recording until you are paid.

Payment is going to be on a per case/episode basis: you will be paid for each case your role appears in. The listed price is the price of which you will be paid for their first appearance, subsequent appearances may change depending on total line count for a given case.

After castings are complete, payments will be made as the funding becomes available- this method allows me to pay more to each role as I can garner some additional savings between each pay period at work during these times.

Role Significance:

Obviously leading roles are going to be paid the highest amount as they will be appearing most frequently and deserve to be accommodated accordingly, but certain "supporting" and "minor" characters have recurring appearances throughout the game, have an incredibly important impact on the events of the story, or simply have a significantly higher amount of dialogue in the fewer instances where they appear compared to other characters of similar "significance" (example: Adrian Andrews is only in the case "Farewell, My Turnabout", but she has an incredible amount of dialogue). As such the pay for such roles may vary from other characters in the same classification. This is not a mistake or oversight: each actor is being compensated according to the requirements that will be expected of them.


Payments will be made on a per case/episode basis (i.e: when payments are made for "Reunion and Turnabout" payment for "Turnabout Big Top" will be sent some weeks later, and so on until payments for each case are complete.)

Payments will be sent exclusively through PayPal only- if you do not have a PayPal account do not expect to be paid as part of this project.

A few final notes:

1.) I'm a huge fan of this franchise and so are some of the previously cast individuals and as such we may be submitting our own auditions alongside all who wish to participate- I DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO TRY AND IMITATE OUR PERFORMANCES. Each role will have the suggested guidance and ideal performance parameters I have in mind for each character, but the beauty of acting is taking the same premise or direction and presenting it with your own unique flair.

2.) Anything in this color down below is NOT to be read when you're auditioning for various parts- this text exists solely to give context to the lines you will be reading.

3.) Discord is not required, but it is recommended as we utilize it to organize group rehearsals, deliver announcements, and distribute scripts (it's also been an incredibly useful tool for getting to know the people affiliated with the project and we've had a fair bit of fun with it).


And that's it- if more questions come up I may append an F.A.Q to this section to try and resolve any recurring questions for those reading through this project in the future.

Have fun and good luck!

About the Creator: Razi the Red-RW Estep

I am Razi the Red and I aim to please.

If anything I've put out has piqued your interest feel free to message me here OR you can contact me at one of the locations below:


Razi the Red #0983 - DISCORD

@RaziTheRed - TWITTER

Please do not contact me privately about feedback on open casting calls- I like to keep things like that out in the open where everyone can see it and has the chance to use it evenly.

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