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About saitogami1

Hello! my name is Saitogami1/Josh Portillo (Pronouns: he/his/him) and I am a voice actor who's ready and willing to get the job done! For my whole life, I have had a passion for all types of acting (voice, on-stage, in-front of the camera, radio work, etc.) and have always dreamed to live out that passion. I have had experience on stage for musicals and concerts, have had experience with acting/improv in college, and have loosely been connected to opera productions while my time in college as well. Voice acting in particular has always been something I've wanted to get into and after close friends have told me to go for it, I have seen that it is something I truly love to do! Just to be in the same profession as other established voice actors such as Matt Mercer, David Hayter, Troy Baker, Amanda Celine Miller, Caitlin Glass, and Erica Harlacher, it's an amazing feeling! 

  • @illuminasium

    Saitogami1 is an amazing actor with a great voice range. He’s able to make every character sound unique. Despite how busy he is, he always turns in his lines in time. He’s a truly dedicated actor who brings all the characters he voices to life in a way that surprises you. He’s also a kind person and a wonderful friend. 9000/10 would recommend.

  • @ryan-pratt

    This man is the true definition of a hard worker. Whether it's recording, in life, or helping out with any project, he'll get it done. Guaranteed. Not only has he got a voice with real potential, but he's also one of my best friends. I've seen personally how he'll record into the night and just keep doing it. He's a force to be reckoned with when he's got his mind on something, and any project would be lucky to have him. Regardless of his skills in and out of the booth, he's just a super stand-up guy. He'll continue to assist you even after the project is already done. I wholeheartedly recommend this lad for any project out there. (10/10)

  • @goonstar

    I believe that this man has the talent, passion, and effort it takes to make it as a voice actor. Throughout the time he has been working at it, this man's voice acting has greatly improved. He was also a talented actor back in high school and it shows in his acting! I highly recommend giving my friend a role!

  • @evangeline

    Saitogami1 is one of the most hard-working and dedicated voice actors I have ever met. He puts a lot of work and effort into all his works, and always does an amazing job at it! I've had the pleasure to be in multiple projects with him and he always shows his dedication by giving in his lines on time and with the best quality he can provide.

    He is also one of the kindest people you can work with. He loves to communicate with everyone in the team, and is always one of the most friendly in every group! I'm happy to have met someone as awesome as him, and I can bet you'd feel the same way. Do not hesitate to cast this guy in your project(s)!
    Definitely recommend him! ^_^

  • @voicealex77

    In an Industry where it can be easy to fall into a negative competitive mindset, it is relieving, heartwarming and definitely admirable to find someone as talented and humble as Saitogami1. Not only did he allow myself (a vastly inexperienced aspiring voice actor) to give him some personal acting tips, but he also continues to prove to be an upstanding kind-hearted soul with enough talent to back him up 10 fold. I am equal parts admiring as I am envious of his ability to give the perfect young hero/protagonist voice and a variety of others. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors to become a professional voice actor as he most certainly deserves it. Hope we both make it my man! 20/10 would of course recommend.

  • @laurens

    I'll immediately start of to say, what amazing acting performance and energy was provided by Saitogami1! When you receive voice work from him, this immediately stands out. He delivers his lines as if he's actually in the situation provided in the script.

    Saitogami1 is really friendly and his main priority is to make your project a success. I have since my first project recruited him for my next project, which I am really looking forward to.

    You can simply not go wrong, hiring him for your project.

  • @deleted129315

    Working with Josh Portillo was an absolute delight. Before I begin, I owe him an apology. Portillo was excited to get to work when he happened to be recommended by Ms. Illuminasium. I had some mishaps that prevented him from continuing with my established projects. He kept firmly persisting on the matter until I was able to give him an objective. Within a few days, he caught up my entire team.

    With that being said I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation. I have worked with many voice actors, and he stands out among them. Portillo was the missing link in our project, and I had the pleasure of working with him on our team. I found him easy to work with and a personable individual.

    I was impressed that he took full responsibility after one of my actors let me down. He put in time and effort above what was expected of a substitute.

    It is never secure to replace an actor. Portillo made the transition easy by developing good compatibility with both colleagues and I. I respected him.

  • @6milly

    I received work from saitogami1, I requested he do a voice over for one the characters needed in my project. He performed an amazing job not only sending them instantly, but handled it with professionalism and great accuracy. Would STRONGLY recommend working with saitogami1 as I know I definitely will!
    Thanks again,

  • @amberger

    Dedicated, outgoing, and talented! Josh has been an absolute joy to work with. He's got a serious gift and passion for voice-overs, and it's seen clearly through his work. He exceeded my expectations and promptly got quality lines to me ahead of schedule. Even though he had a minor role, I look forward to working with him again in the future. If you're looking for a professional actor, an eager attitude and a wide range of voices, look no further! He's a director's dream!

  • @vampirebre

    Where do I even begin with this amazing guy?? I worked with Josh on a Danganronpa project and he was an AMAZING VA and person overall!! He is a really sweet person and he just lights up whatever room/server he is in! He is genuinely a hard worker and always gets his lines turned in before the deadline (and can I just say: Amazing Leon Kuwata if you're looking for one) In this community, it is really nice to see someone who is always so supportive of the people trying their best here and it makes me smile every time. I would recommend Josh in a heartbeat if you are looking for a very talented, hardworking, and positive person because this man is amazing!! <3 ^^

  • @project-creator

    Yo, so I met this guy on the totally pros server and, even though we arent super super close (which sucks :() I've had the honour and pleasure to experience the amazing evolution of sagotami during the past months that I have been together working with him. He may have a great voice, sure, but his work ethic is outstanding and will never fail to achieve the standards one has set to him. I am absouloutly astounded and happy with his achievements and hope to work with him even more in the future! - Daniela

  • @mini-mint

    Saitogami has an incredible range. Seriously, this guy can go from a deep voice to a high pitched voice (I have no idea how but he does). He's also able to imitate accents pretty accurately. I should point out that in the time I've known Saitogami he's shown to be one of the nicest guys in the VA community. If you need someone with range he's your guy.

  • @deleted115303

    Saitogami1 is absolutely awesome!

    I wanted to create this Legend of Zelda animation, and since I didn't really want to do the voices myself, I went out to find some talented voice actors and found this talented guy. Gave him and email, and he agreed. When I gave him the script I wrote, he gave me the audio when ever he was ready too. I did not rush at all, and by golly, his audio was absolutely outstanding. I had a smile on my face the entire audio reel. If you're ever looking for a talented male voice actor, I highly highly recommend Saitogami1. They were really nice too! I hope to work with them in the future, hopefully for much bigger projects!

  • @jeremyva

    Saitogami1 is a wonderful actor to work with. He brought out the exact character I wanted for Ryan Hardy. Saitogami1 is reliable and will give you his best performance, I can't recommend him enough.

  • @viderememoria

    Saitogami did a fantastic job in delivering his lines for Benedict Blue in our Violet Evergarden: Another Perspective Fandub! He's professional and you can tell he loves what he does!

    Can't recommend him enough! You will not be disappointed with him on your project!

  • @flatlight-productions

    Very lovely person to work with. He sent over 30+ minutes of dialogue in one day, even though he had a full week to send his lines. Now that's extreme dedication.

    During our short working session he also proved to be very friendly and understanding. I would recommend him, most certainly to anybody! Thank you again!

  • @aredgrave

    He has a great work ethic, he takes voice acting real seriously and he reliable and dependable. Definitely someone you can rely on to submit lines on time, when you need them!

  • @kuma-chan

    Josh is a great voice actor! He's provided his voice for some of my projects and it's been a pleasure working with him. He always tries his best for a splendid voice performance. He's also a fun person to talk to which makes working with him even better!

  • @chrisdonahuevoa

    Josh is one of the most optimistic, professional, and pleasant people I've had the good fortune to get to know & work with. His talents alone speak for themselves. Get this man on your projects!

  • @voicecast-freeman

    What an excellent young actor. Josh is always willing to give you everything he has, to try things and make his characters the best they can be. His work as Sylvain in my recent FE3H series totally blew me away - I could really feel his emotional connection to a role that is much deeper than it appears on the surface. He's also very punctual and a friendly stand-up dude - the kind of guy any director loves to work with. Cast this man!