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About BrookeMorganVA

Hello, thank you for checking out my profile! 

When cast for a role, I am determined to give the director exactly what they envision. I am only satisfied when my director is satisfied; I’m willing to do retakes,  equipment tweaks, live recording - anything that will improve the end result. 

If you believe I would be a good fit for a project, please send me a message and I'll quickly send over my audition. 

You can contact me through CCC, discord, Twitter, or email.

My discord is BrookeMorgan #4383

My Twitter is @brookemorganva

My email is brookasaurus @ hotmail . c a

I look forward to working with you! 

  • @dracomies

    It was a pleasure working with Brookasaurus! Great personality. A joy to work with and a very talented actress. She delivered her lines on time. Great mic quality and sound quality and a great actress to work with. Also a Fallout fan as well!

  • @deleted114221

    Brook was so kind to work with and her voice acting is awesome! She handed in her voice lines before the deadline and always made sure that her lines were perfect! Honestly you couldn't ask her anything more <3 Working with her was so much fun and the finishing product was awesome, and bonus point when she didn't know how to pronounce a word she always asked how to pronounce it instead of just guessing <3 HIGHLY suggest working with her!

  • @nuclearsheep

    Absolutely awesome voice-actor! Brookasaurus voiced a character for me, showing a great range of emotion and confidence in her takes. Brook was also generous enough to record multiple variants and sent through her lines very quickly! If you are looking for a professional and talented voice-actor, Brooke will be a great asset to your project!

  • @gefer

    Each time I have asked voice work from brookasaurus, I could not wait to hear the final result of her performance. The way she delivers her lines proves to be of true professional quality. From the very beginning, one of the biggest talent I noticed from her is how she can deliver great emotion and intensity if needed. This is a trait I feel many voice actors lack of sometimes and Brook sure knows how to show us the opposite when it comes to that. Not to mention, she is also a very patient and respectful person to interact with through online communications, alongside showing great support to other cast members working on projects. I highly recommend her work to anyone interested in taking part with her acting skills.

  • @madison-carlson

    She was a very friendly and fun person to work with! She was always free to record lines, took the initiative to edit them down for me, and sent them back within a few hours. Her voice was also a perfect fit for more than one role! I'd love to continue working with Brooke in the future!

  • @rpgislife

    brookasaurus is a very talented voice actress, just when you think her range in voices is limited, she surprises you, I cannot wait to work with her on more of my future projects if she's willing.

  • @hypervoiceacting

    Brooke is both a wonderful voice actress and a lovely person to boot. During my time working with her on the project we're in, she was an absolute delight to work with. And I look forward to working with her more.

  • @sichopsysva

    BrookeMorganVA is a professional and understanding VA. She waited patiently for a very long delay to the directing of my project and provides an excellent professional level quality recording for her undertaken projects. I can't recommend her highly enough! And hope to work with her again one day in the future. All the best Brooke!

  • @misseljebel

    BrookeMorganVA is a fantastic voice actress, and is amazing to work with! She currently plays Julijanna in an ongoing original webcomic dub of mine. Brooke gets her lines done quickly, and each take is absolutely amazing. I can tell she loves doing what she does! I highly recommend Brooke for your project!