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Ever since I was a young child, I have been drawn to the stage. I have been fortunate enough to have acted in many stage productions over my life, and I have loved every minute. However, mounting and starring in a live production is incredibly time consuming. Now, with two children of my own and a career as an English teacher, I turn to my new passion - voice acting - to satiate my creative spirit.  

I am Canadian, in my late 40s, and am truly enjoying my new venture into the world of VA. 

My goal is to save enough money to create my own in-house professional studio so that I can elevate my work to the highest level possible. 

My experience with CCC has been nothing but positive - lots of like minded, creative, professional folks, looking to collaborate and create... and have fun doing it. 



Please find me on DISCORD at ajp#1077

  • @pontiacsilver

    Anthony Parise’s voice is one of my favorites. Rich, earthy, steady, and consistent. Combine that with his theater experience, and acting ability, as well as his generally pleasant demeanor, and you have a recipe for success. You can’t go wrong in casting him for your project.

  • @deleted85406

    Anthony has fantastic range, provides great communication whenever needed and provides excellent results. Highly recommending him.

  • @razi-the-red-rw-estep

    This is loooooooong overdue, but I usually wait until I can attach a sample of the work provided so people can have an idea of what a particular person can bring to the table in terms of talent and Mr. Anthony Parise is a textbook on both talent and professionalism.

    His work was done in a timely manner and with absolutely stellar execution. I hope I'm not too late in making this recommendation because I've absolutely wanted to since I originally received his work and he is absolutely worth picking up for whatever you may be creating!