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About thezackattack

Hi there! I'm an aspiring voice actor hoping to make a career out of this stuff in the future. But right now I'm really just doing this stuff for fun. Don't really wanna get too serious yet. Hope my voice is able to meet your needs! :)

Demos & Samples

Orion Zaxs Character Demo Reel

This is a Collection of my Best Voice Work accumulated over the 6 years I've been working as a Voice Actor.

  • @amandapanda1099

    Zach is such a fun and fantastic person to work with. He provides great voice work, and always turns his lines in on time. He puts his best effort out there for the projects that he is in, and goes all out in regards to his auditions. He also has a great sense of humor, and overall is just a chill guy. I feel honored to work with him, and I cannot recommend him enough.

  • @lavimukami

    Zach is an amazing VA and a great person to work with. He has always met deadlines and has provided exquisite work. When it comes to being in a cast he has brought nothing but positivity and his best effort to the project. You won't ever regret working with such an astounding voice actor, as well as a delightful person. I have felt honored to have him within my cast and I hope to do more work with him in the future. And I am certain you will also love to have him in more projects as well.

  • @theluckyderp

    Zack is an outstanding Voice Actor puts his all into a role and is an all around chill guy. He truly is a great guy to have in any project, and super approachable when wanting to talk to him

  • @korbinian-galloway

    Maybe it's because I did a project that met his personal interests, but thezackattack seemed one of the most passionate actors in the project, going beyond the script and recording extra noises that I needed such as battle grunts, just by looking at the characters in the panels and what their expressions were.
    He played many different characters in Jedi Council: Acts of War (four, to be exact) and made each sound very unique! Despite how memorable his usual voice is, he is also extremely capable of impersonating other characters and is all around a very sweet person to talk to and a great friend.
    Now the tables have turned and I am the one doing voicework for him - he certainly has a vision and I am exited to see where it goes! I recommend Orion for your projects, especially if it is Star Wars or Transformers related!

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    Orion is a pretty good voice actor. Good Voice, Good Range and great to work with. ;)

  • @deltad

    I don't know the guy well, but as soon as I heard his work on the BBTAG fandub, I was stunned. This guy can and should go far.

  • @razi-the-red-rw-estep

    From the moment I heard Orion's various auditions for my Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Fan Dub project- I knew I wanted him on board, but I agonized as to where I'd have him perform as he was exceptionally suited for two roles. Ultimately I decided to take him on as the Judge just so I keep his vocal talents on board even longer and use his exceptional talent to flesh out a critical supporting character. Great communication, excellent work ethic, and fantastic quality: I heartily recommend him for any project you may be trying to bring to life.