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About Bpjenkin123088

   I have been doing professional, non-union voice over for several years. In that time, I've been ecstatic to be a part of games, animations, audio dramas, podcast, narration for audio books, commercials, and more. Based in North East United States, my voice has been described as: Friendly, Heroic, Manic, Gravely, Authoritative, Resonant, Androgynous, Calming, and Seductive. I can use a wide range of accents and portray hundreds of different types of characters. Whatever voice you need, I know I have the perfect one for you. I can't wait to help bring life to your story!

  • @maker7k

    I recently needed an expressive male voice, and boy howdy did this man deliver! If you haven't seen some of his previous work, I highly advise you check him out and consider him for a role in your project too

  • @varyupon

    An actor with a humanistic quality to his work. Whether it’s through performing as fun or serious characters, you can trust him to follow through with his very best. If you’re willing to work with Bpjenkin123088, know that he has an innate talent for picking up on key character cues well beyond expectations. Don’t be afraid to allow some breathing room or leeway in direction, because this is where he really shines. If you’re looking for someone to work with who is keen on his feet at the given moment, he’s the man for you, especially since he’s always willing to dedicate his 110% to any given project. Talented, dedicated, passionate, and very professional.

  • @skullface

    This guy is a workhorse! I send out lines and he shoots it back to me within an hour or a day. He also doesnt half ass his lines. He fully commits to a role and any production would be lucky to have him. Hes fearless as an actor as well and willing to take risks.

  • @jackiejorgenson

    Brandon played an important supporting role in the first season of my original fairy tale audio drama, Tales From The Aether. While he brilliantly performed his character’s passion and commitment to his faith, he also brought a level of empathy and compassion that made the character feel whole.

    Brandon was an absolute professional on this project, providing all files at lightning speed and returning my messages in a timely manner. He was a pleasure to collaborate with.