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About Nightfire

Hello, my name is Nightfire, aka Julia. I have a degree in Vocal Performance and am a freelance voice actor. Currently I am Circe in the RPG Maker videogame Our Dying World (as well as a casting director, UI creator, sprite editor, and script editor), Lana Skye and Franziska von Karma in Backwards Rocket Studio's Phoenix Wright dub. I was Helen in an audio drama production of Waterworld by the MadMaxMinute Podcast, and in the indie horror game Fuzai no Gakusei (The Absent Student) as Hana Tanaka.
I am also currently in the DnD podcast Dungeons and Death Saves, amongst other various ones.

I've been in theater and music all my life, and I'd consider myself a hobby artist. 

Currently non-union, my rates are pretty flexible and industry-standard. If you have any questions about me etc. please feel free to shoot me a PM or message me on twitter @NightfirexD or Discord at NightfirexD#7202! Also if you'd like to see more of me, I stream on
Thank you for stopping by~ 

  • @ashante-bacon

    nightfire played gwen in a spiderman into the spider comic dub with me and did an amazing job with her voice acting, she turned in here lines fast and did double takes so i could choose out of each line as well as the acting being on point for each scene and would definitely
    work with her again and recommend her for future directors

  • @madmaxminute

    I cast Julia as Helen in my Waterworld screenplay dramatized readthrough. She was quick to submit her audio, organized it well, and even went above and beyond by providing me with not only her lines, but supplementary audio based on stage direction in the screenplay. Julia has a real knack for delivering the right performance with very little direction and is quick to provide alternative reads when they are requested.

  • @razi-the-red-rw-estep

    I have had the pleasure of having Julia onboard for one project and the continued satisfaction of her contribution for my next one. She brings an incredible level of performance and mechanical quality to every role she's undertaken with a degree of dedication that is completely appreciated as a project lead.

    If you need someone who can bring a character to life and provide a role with quality in an acceptable span of time: you absolutely cannot go wrong here,