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carimelle (Esther) 

Hi! I'm Esther, but on the internet I'm called carimelle. I specialize in voice acting and singing. I've been voice acting for 3 years and I've sang my whole life! I started out on Tumblr and then moved to Youtube where I still post whenever I have time. I've worked in various projects and was appointed to Voice Acting Supervisor for my abilities and organization skills in Sava Phoenix Studios. 

While I study at University, I hope to do voice acting and singing on the side and one day make it my primary career. It has always been my dream to be a singer and after taking up voice acting, I now have a huge interest in doing both! My goal is to bring different roles and characters to life with my abilities, dynamic range,  all the while following my dreams of becoming a professional. 

I was born and raised in Texas. I actually grew up having a strong Southern accent! I am also a first generation Indian American. While these accents are my specialties, I can also do a British accent. In the past I have mainly played and specialized in child/teen characters and have recently been trying my hand at older characters as well. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to audition for a role! 



E-mail: carimellestrashcan(@)

Discord: carimelle#5397

Demos & Samples

2021 Character Demo - Esther Christo

Looking for an ambitious heroine? A small, small child? Some rambunctious gamer boys? Maybe a beast-slaying cowgirl or a screaming victim? Then I'm your voice actor!

Singing Demo Reel

Burn from Hamilton, Usseewa by Ado, and Don't Forget from Undertale (Inst. by Nahu Pyrope)

  • @euclidclassdunmer

    So I have nothing but good things to say about Carimelle, her voice is beautiful, both singing and VA, excellent quality and performance. She NAILED the voice of one of my characters, Umaira and is kind and easy to work with.
    I seriously think she's amazing and look forward to working with her more.

  • @star-link

    In the time that I have worked with carimelle, she showed nothing but the best effort and results that I could ever ask for as a project manager. She has a fantastic vocal range whether in regards to singing or to voice acting, I am never disappointed when I get to work with her. I can't understate how much I admire her drive and professionalism and I would be more than happy to have her on more of my projects in the future.

  • @sara-productions

    Just recommending you because your voice- another level. You must have practiced a LOT

  • @gaijinminister

    From the moment that I heard her audition, I knew Esther (carimelle) was the right choice for my project!
    Being the sole speaking role in an Audio Drama, she carried the whole thing on her voice alone. Not only did she deliver at peak levels of performance, but also provided plenty of range and depth in her dialogue. So much so that all bases of necessary emotion were covered!
    She is an absolute delight to work with - kind, patient, and a genuine sweetheart of a human being. I simply cannot wait to work with her again, and wish her all the success the world has waiting for her!

    - The Gaijin Minister, MINISTRIES AUDIO