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About faketsuki

I am back and active once again!

had some email problems but now it's all sorted out!
Thank you so much for your patience <3

☽✪  FakeTsuki  ✪☾

I have been acting from a young age, but have only been pursuing this as a hobby/career since 2012. I am able to adapt to styles if need be and am okay with guidance to grow!
My singing range is SAT.


Having an androgynous voice gives me much more of a variety and range!
I am able to act all the way from a cute child[male or female] to a sultry, seductive woman.
I am also able to voice monsters, men and extra voices via programs and am able to tamper with my own voice if needed.


If you have an questions or want to scout me for a project, shoot me a pm!

  • @happypickle

    I actually wasn't a fellow voice actor with them, but I'm planning on auditioning for a project she has already auditioned for and I have to say, I'm surprised she doesn't have any recommendations yet! Her voice is amazing! It can vary from low, soft, and brooding to high, cutesy anime girl! If you're looking for someone who can go all over the spectrum with her vocal range then she's your girl. I highly recommend her for any and every project you may have!

  • @misseljebel

    faketsuki is an amazing voice actress! She is currently in three of my projects, and each voice is unique from the other! faketsuki is able to deliver her lines clearly and with so much passion and enthusiasm. She gets her lines done almost immediately after receiving them and is a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend her for your projects, she is an amazing voice actress!

  • @donut

    She voiced Frisk for me in a music project of mine. She's a natural, very successful, talented and can sing well too!! ^-^

  • @kyoanime

    Fake Tsuki helps me with my Hana Haru Fan dub project and she always goes beyond of what I ask of her. She plays two parts in my cast and then when I ask for if anyone can play extra characters she always volunteers. She can do many different voices with different ranges and tones and she also had made effects/edits to her voice that I need. She is also great at stay in contact with you and on time. These are reasons I recommend Fake Tsuki.

    (In the url below she plays the characters Choco (a cute little werewolf) Sarah (a genius student) and some of the extra girls (snobs).

  • @clockworkcomictv

    Currently voices Frisk, Chara, and Toriel in our Undertale and Deltarune comic dubs. Great person! Always makes sure to send multiple takes of each line, with the greatest possible quality!

  • @sairren37

    Voiced the Blacksmith in Episode 2 of Drunks & Fanatics for me and very accurately portrayed the character's tone of voice and personality. She provided her lines with high quality and got them to me quickly. I highly recommend her.

  • @shadowwolf

    Honestly for the most part, I have enjoyed working with them. I hope they continue to work with me as the comic dub we have going on continues forward. She is a very trustful companion and honestly very nice to have around. She does have things to improve upon, but I believe she can make it.

  • @stelersteel

    Has a fantastic voice and was willing to & able in rerecording more lines and extra parts when asked to do so. When I made a few mistakes as the director, they were very understanding and gave support. Very responsive, enthusiastic and loved the talent they produced and provided for my project. Can see a very bright future in voice acting for them!

  • @aspiringsinger15

    I've worked with Faketsuki twice now and her performance is always absolutely stunning. She is extremely versatile and has an impressively wide range. She played a character who was pretending to be a man and though that's very difficult to convincingly do in English, she nailed it. Highly, highly recommend this voice actress!

  • @deyoku

    Faketsuki is a fun person to work with. She is capable of doing various voices, some of which is not an easy task to find. Also can't help but to compliment her voice range - voiced a mature-serious woman, little girl and a banshee. Wouldn't say no to working with her again.

  • @pisarkanna

    Tsuki has helped to bring a very special character to life in the Delicious in Dungeon manga dub and I could not be more impressed with her performance! Not only does she do a stellar job with acting and delivery, but she also turns her lines in promptly and is a pleasure to have on the team. If you are considering casting Tsuki for your project, please know that she is very highly recommended!