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About KyleRhysMarsh

Voice actor and impressionist. I do regular comics dubs on YouTube.

  • @syndel

    What I like about voice actors is constant work ethic and great emotion. This voice actor, KyleRhysMarsh shows the amazing ethic on gathering lines. When I requested him for lines, he sends me the stuff less than 24 hours. Reliability is one of the important tools to becoming a fantastic VA, along with communicating. I'm proud to work with Kyle, as I see potential in his voice work!

  • @metamachine

    As soon as I got Kyle involved with my project he only showed ambitious and a positive personality over everything! He was quick to record, ask questions about things to understand everything he needed to know regarding the role, and rerecorded everything I asked of him swiftly and amazingly! Everything you'd want in a VA, he has and it was truly a treat to get him involved with my project!

  • @razi-the-red-rw-estep

    Kyle is a stand-out talent who brings delightful quality and range to any roles he is needed to fill. Courteous, professional, and quick to work through the materials he is provided- he'll provide stellar work that will keep your projects on time while giving fun and memorable performances.

    Greatly recommended.

  • @razi-the-red-rw-estep

    Kyle brings great performances, positive energy, and high quality audio to any role he is cast to perform. He takes direction well and never hesitates to change anything to match a director's vision while bringing characters to life with stellar acting.

    Readily recommended.

    -R.W. Estep

  • @lego-my-jango

    Through my time thus far, Kyle has been such a great cast member and co-producer on my project. He brings so much to his performances and I am happy to work with him. He is so reliable and never hesitates to make his performance better or closer to the end result if needed. I am glad to have worked with him this far and am excited to continue to work with him on my projects.

    Highly Recommended,

    -Lego My Jango

  • @thelesserknownandy

    I cannot recommend Kyle enough! Not only did he submit his lines quickly and with excellent quality, but he was able to produce a remarkable, genuine emotional performance. Communication was kept at all times throughout the process, and he was professional and courteous.

    Fantastic in all regards!

  • @flatlight-productions

    Kyle was a fantastic voice actor for my project, Red Alert 2: Remastered. He voiced multiple units for the modification. Quick delivery, great communication & professionalism. Would work with him again.