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My name's McCartney, or Mac for short.

At a young age, I was always fascinated by artistic expression through sound. Bringing an entity to life through voice was especially intriguing as I would often lose myself in my imagination, voicing scenes or episodes in my mind (as silly as that may seem.) In '10, I decided to put those actions into practice and tested the waters of YouTube along with voice acting-centric websites doing freelance work. This consisted of various fandubs, some custom projects, several machinimas, as well as commercial and narration voiceover. Unfortunately, many said projects never really took flight. C'est la vie! Anything to gain experience I thought, but I'd need better mediums and more serious productions to engage myself and hone my craft. Over time, I've learned from various voice actors having attended public panels, a couple online courses and workshops, and seminars. Having a high determination for quality, I hope to discover some great opportunities here on Casting Call Club.

For the flower to bloom you need the right soil as well as the right seed. Let us cultivate creativity together!

- 2020

Voice Over Master Class

Instructed by Chuck Huber

  • Pricing is largely negotiable and varies between the type of project and the amount of work. Please contact me to discuss business details if your project is a paid gig.

  • If there is no money involved, the only payment I request is for a successful release of the the project. For our work to be utilized and enjoyed by audiences is a compensation in itself.

What Mac Kellam is looking for

  • I'm currently looking for highly motivated projects with a solid foundation and a structured timeline. I want to provide a fantastic performance just as much as you wish to produce a quality product. Whether the project is recreational or commercial, my goal is to meet the needs of the team and strive to have fun and make the journey a pleasant experience for all involved! 

  • You can expect timely turnarounds for provided scripts, as well as any necessary edits or additions as the project progresses. I want to bring that voice in your head to life so I'm open to any critique that will achieve it.