With over eight years of experience, I've done just about everything and still loving every second of it. Be on the lookout for something big coming soon ;)

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About Poppletron

I'm Aubrey "Poppletron" Poppleton I'm 25 years old, and I'm an actor, writer, artist, and filmmaker from a small town in Utah. I want to share my talents with the world while making new friends along the way.

I'm Pan and Genderfluid/Trans (They/She/Any) on the Autistic Spectrum and proud to be me. Okay with roles of any gender or sexuality.

Email: poppletonaubrey [at] gmail [dot] com

Discord: Poppletron

Twitter: @PoppletronVA

Deviantart: Poppletronics

SoundCloud: Poppletron

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  • @sage-wilde

    Poppletron has an excellent range, great expression, and great equipment. He tends to do excellent low-range voices, but can do nasally impressions as well (think Skeletor from He-Man). He has a well-established history and is quite capable. Pick him!

  • @optipersona

    Always a pleasure to work with. He definitely takes pride in his work, making sure his performances are top notch with pristine audio and acting quality. Very understanding, and reliable. In a sea of actors, he definitely stands at the top of those I've ever had the pleasure to come into contact/work with. Don't pass him up, directors!

  • @cimcie

    Amazing voice actor and fun to work with, I am excited for him to be in my group!

  • @redshark

    They are a hard working
    Kind and determined cast mate
    And you should check him out

  • @spyingjane

    Poppletron is very diverse in his talent. I’ve seen him range from extremes fluctuations of emotion to calm and temperate in a single production. I had the pleasure of working with him on several occasions once as a fellow performer and another as his director. He is always a pleasure to work with. He brings his own creativity to a project as well as is able to take directions and make them better than was expected.

  • @rampaging-koala

    Oppletron (Aubrey) is a fantastic voice actor. I've heard his work and am very impressed! He can do many different voices realistically and is skilled with working with other people. He is very motivated and wants to help for the right reasons. Would highly recommend!

  • @casualslenderman

    Simply put, a fantastic voice actor, writer, and amazing person to work with. He helped me out a lot on my personal project, and did a fantastic job on it. Can't recommend working with this guy enough.

  • @clumsynoname

    Did a good voice on an project I canceled but none the less still good.

  • @sebas1497

    A committed VA who can deliver from a wide range of emotion and tones.

  • @jeremyfitzgerald

    I worked with oppletron on my soon to be released fangame, and can confirm that oppletron is positive, hardworking and an utter delight to work with. All lines were delivered quickly and he accepted feedback and re-recorded lines that I needed changed. I was extremely happy with the lines produced and would happily recommend oppletron to anyone currently recruiting voice talent. (Note: Project he contributed to has not been released yet.)

  • @jonw

    He did a great job in both roles he played in our project! High-quality work and communication. Would be glad to work with him in the future.

  • @sephlitchfield

    I wrote and directed a project that they participated in. I cast them immediately because of sheer talent, and their professionalism somehow exceeds their gifting. Their communication was prompt and they sent me their lines within less than a week of me sending the script. The lines were flawlessly performed and their microphone was clear and professional! I highly recommend!

  • @deleted59058

    Poppletron is a hard working a dedicated Voice Actor. He has buckets of talent that he has kindly donated to my written series and has done an amazing job.
    He provides voice work quickly and within the deadline, always at top quality. Rarely have I ever had to ask him for lines to be redone or gone over.
    He is capable of a wide range of voice work and excels in the department.

  • @skaarr

    A real pleasure to work with! Aubrey is one of the most professional and talented people I have worked with. He has an amazing range of voices and is really quick to respond if you need something. All around amazing!

  • @phantasmal-bard-studios

    Opple voiced our god of war. He did wonderfully! He embodied exactly what we were looking for in our bombastic character! He was a pleasure to work with, too!

  • @jeremyva

    He brings a very strong voice for any main character. So far he's been able to bring out the detective-like nature of the lead character of Mr. Law. He will provide clear audio with great emotion. I threw many lines at him just for one episode and he was able to nail them all.

  • @mrsmelissasheldon

    I have worked with Oppletron both in a directorial capacity and as a co-cast member, and he is the voice actor's voice actor. His voice is like butter, but more importantly, he's got a great work ethic in any projects I've had the pleasure of sharing with him. He brings his own breadth of experience, and isn't afraid to put himself into the process, offering his own spin on things. There's no excuses, and he always contributes on time and to a high quality. I would most certainly recommend you work with him in the future...I know I more than likely will!

  • @fussbudgetjr

    I've worked with Poppletron on a few projects. To say that he is incredibly talented is an understatement. He is also highly-skilled at his craft and has an amazing range of voices.

    He is a great asset to any project. You won't be disappointed.

  • @phantasmal-bard-studios

    Aubrey is a wonderful talent. He voice work was impeccable and he as always was prompt and cooperative. We always enjoy working with him! :)

  • @dhvo

    This guys is very talented. If you haven't heard his voice work before, you're missing out on a treat. He's voiced for two projects thus far and has been very professional in his audio quality and acting. Great job all around.