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    About Tauchu Universe

    ALL ROLE PAYOUTS ARE FLEXIBLE, AND PRICES ARE PURELY BASES (NOT EXPECTATIONS/EXAMPLES). I'm willing to set aside a fairly decent sum of money to have my dream projects come to fruition after so many years. This is assuming that the rates are reasonable of course. If you'd like to take on a part purely voluntarily (not paid, but credited), you're absolutely able to do so! But I'm more than happy to compensate. Also worth noting, I will try to give personalized, in-depth feedback to every voice actor that applies for a role from the perspective of someone who themselves has also been a voice actor for several years and helped others with voice coaching! (Note: The volume of auditions is way higher than I'd expected, and that's a good thing! I'll still do my best, note that I may not be able to get to feedback for everyone until the weekends or after a role is cast. Just depends on my schedule!)

    Any animated music videos/story videos will be uploaded to my YouTube channel

    This is round one for a specific set of primary roles and their relevant supporting roles. There will be more auditions available in the future for additional lead roles in smaller story arks and backing roles.

    Tauchu Universe is a personal worldbuilding project of mine that was started way back in 2014. I've always been incredibly interested in the idea that writing is a gateway to other worlds (through imagination) and I've recently been taking it more to heart. As I've gotten older and worked more as a motion graphics artist, I've realized that I still enjoy content creation just as much as I did when I was younger, but instead of producing bulk content of mediocre quality, I want to use the knowledge I gained from my time in Film School and in Freelancing to make a few high quality animations or music videos each year.

    I already have an animator for the project, but I figured I'd give people on CCC a chance incase anybody takes particular interest to it.

    Tauchu is an incredibly personal project in nature that's been over five years in the making, and I'm purely doing it out of passion and for fun! Everything paid is being done out of pocket. This is non-commercial in nature.

    The project features a variety of characters from humans to mythical anthropomorphic gods, to tiny fluffy creatures. A lot of animated content will focus around my music production and introductory cinematic scenes to the aforementioned musical pieces.

    I am handling writing, music production, sound design, production and directing on my own. I will also be doing some voice acting of my own. I've been producing music for seven years, voice acting for five, and animating for eleven! 

    Note: Having a Discord account is a requirement.

    I may be able to make exceptions. If you don't have a Discord, please provide an alternative social media platform of choice to reach you on.

    Additional Note: Although the scripts avoid using any expletives for the most part, there are a few rare instances where it's appropriate for emphasis. There isn't any inherently offensive language aside from common swear words (no slurs or culturally biased terms). If you're not comfortable with swearing, it's fine! The script can be edited so you don't have to :) Just let me know

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold