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About VA Pavle

A bright, light, and dynamic voice with a versatile range and the chops to back it up. Professional demeanor, with a drive to satisfy your needs and the ability to take direction well.  Finished products that don't just meet your needs, but exceed them – and all within great turnaround time. 
Hi, I'm Pavle, and I promise you'll be getting all of this and more when you bring me on to voice your project – whether it's a video game, animation, or audio drama.  
Life will be easier not just for you, but for your editors as well. Alongside voice acting, I practice audio engineering and demo production; I know what space and skills are needed to produce truly great audio, and you'll get exactly that. Aside from voice acting and audio production, I also have a ton of interests – gaming, movies, anime, cartoons, tabletop RPGs, music, skiing, and painting. I'm sure we share at least one interest, so you'll find me as easy to get along with as I am to direct.

  • @dante223

    He has an wide range of voices he can do (sometimes I can't even recognize its him!) and an impeccable work schedule. His enthusiasm for this field of work is unmatched and he never ceases to amaze me with his improvement.

  • @fall-vixen

    Me and VA Pavle where on a project together when i decided to make my demo real, after taking a listen he offer to do some audio editing and production to it which I i quickly accepted. When I received the file back in less the a few hours I was amazed, far more then I imagined I would be. This guy does amazing work and I would recommend him for any audio editing needs as well as voice acting any time!

  • @blitzeoarts

    Pavle is a a delight to work with and interact with. His vocal range is great and he is great at give dynamic performances. He is knowledgeable about the industry and is a great friend too

  • @abicadabri

    Pav is a wonderful VA with confidence in his craft. His range is wide and impressive to say the least! Hire this man!