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Nebraska Wesleyan University - 2019

Instructed by Jack Parkhurst

Went to NWU from 2015 to 2019 and left with a degree in Acting. NWU was listed in the Top 25 Acting Programs from 2018-2019 while I was in attendance. I've tried to find the link with no success, however NWU was featured in the next year's edition here: The Top 30 College Acting/Performing Arts Programs for 2019-2020 — OnStage Blog

  • @andresonic03

    You did awesome job!!!

  • @powerfulsl

    He did a phenomenal job as the voice of Byakuya Togami in my Youtube video project. What impressed me most though was that he managed to pull of such an accurate voice of the character with barely any prior knowledge of the series he was from which surely caught me off guard. If you need a voice actor for a character who can be somewhat stuck up and sophisticated I'd for sure keep this guy in mind.

  • @nourishedpsyche

    While often scouring CCC for voice talent for many of my projects, I decided to try things a little differently this time around. I made a posting here on the site for my latest machinima, a retelling of the MSX classic, Metal Gear. Mr. Bravo auditioned for many of the characters listed on the project, with each having a different tone and personality, fitting to their unique characteristics. Looking at his profile, I discovered that Mr. Bravo had a background in stage acting in addition to voice over. Proving to me that he could adapt to any setting or situation. Regardless, I had a good feeling about him. I knew that he was the right choice and decided to cast him for every part he auditioned for.

    Mr. Bravo delivered his voice overs in a timely manner and even recorded a few lines on the fly for a different project on the weekend before Christmas. His quality of work was outstanding. The man is incredible! If you're looking for an actor for your project, that takes the work as seriously as you do, with a professional and friendly attitude, look no further. Please consider jkbravo3 for your project.

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    Jon, here, is a pretty good voice actor. You give me direction and he'll deliver the lines, correctly and send them to you, afterwords. ;) Would work with him, again!

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    JKBravo voiced a character in one of my audio dramas and have provided voices for other projects since. Good audio quality with a fast turnaround time.
    Cannot recommend him enough.

  • @loudscott14

    They are excellent and always respond with great ambitious 

  • @audreyva

    Jkbravo3 is one of the most versatile, upcoming
    voice actors in this industry! He always delivers top notch acting and quality and is a pleasure to work with! Not only does he get his lines in quickly and effectively, he's extremely patient and always willing to make changes to his perfect performances. To say this guy has talent is an understatement, THIS is the kind of voice you don't listen to and hear a voice, you hear a character. 

  • @randyvirdenvo

    JK had great delivery and emotional expression. His audio quality was on point and he was a breeze to work with and direct. I am glad I gave him this role. I hope to work with him again in the future. 

  • @Wakeform-Entertainment

    We had a really great time recording. Brought a ton of emotional range to the character, which we were not expecting but absolutely loved. Able to take direction and work through what we were looking for. Really easy to work with, and great at communicating. He ran into some freak technical issues, but was able to fix with no problems! Really fantastic work!

  • @will-voice-act-for-food

    JKBravo dies real good.

    which is actually a huge undersell about how skilled and talented he is as a VA. Horror is an incredibly difficult genre to work in. Nuance is important and knowing how to sound professional and still deliver a bloody good performance is a rare skill indeed.

    he is also very easy to work with. Takes direction very well and was more than happy to work with us to make sure we got the project done just the way we want it.

  • @sound-mind-games

    We selected jkbravo3 for a voice acting role in our game, and he did a very good job overall. The sound files were of high technical quality and were delivered in an expedient fashion. Also, his acting skills made the character come alive in a way we had hoped for.

  • @lani-the-lioness

    Jkbravo3 is an amazing VA! Even if he only had a small role as a teacher, in my project, he truly brought his A game! He gave the character a nice humorous voice which was exactly what I was looking for. He has also been very kind, patient and has responded very well to feedback. He was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him!

  • @lego-my-jango

    I can't say enough about Jon. He is very dedicated, passionate, and open to providing a great performance in any role. He voices 18 characters in my project, all showing off the wide variety and form of his voices. He is a very understanding and fun guy all around. I recommend him to anyone who wants a versatile, passionate, and open voice actor. I hope to cast him in for more roles in the future.

  • @jthhenry

    A standout! Jon, from the very first meeting wanted to find out everything their was to know about the character! Fantastic instincts and great reading! Definitely staying on my roster for contacts in the future! Super proud of your work buddy!

  • @sami_jaz

    It was a pleasure working with Jkbravo3. He played my character Prince Tearnidad in my full-cast audiobook called Mission on Frog Planet. His British accent and character intonation were spot on. He submitted his lines before the deadline and communicated respectfully through discord. If you are looking for a friendly, young adult male voice actor with an authentic sounding British accent, look no further!

  • @elf22

    JKBravo auditioned for us from another role which eventually went to another actor, but we liked his submission so much that we decided to cast him for another role that he had not read for.

    With little detailed direction, JKBravo took over the part and delivered a great performance with some fantastic comedic relief that the part called for.  
    Submitting and reading several lines, JKBravo's technical delivery was flawless -- with no retakes needed at all!  In addition, his communication and responsiveness was without reproach, responding quickly and professionally to any questions or comments we had.

    I would not hesitate to use JKBravo again on future projects, and I would urge other producers to consider him for theirs as well.

  • @ragnallson

    There are people who record their voices, and then there are people who are voice actors - Jon is certainly the latter. He done an outstanding job on his audition, really bringing emotion to the character - once casted, his emphasis and delivery on words as the character was spot on, the quality of the recording was excellent and he sent in the full rendition way before the deadline, thus showing commitment and passion for the project. I will certainly be giving him more paid work down the line, and highly recommend Jon if you want a professional VA in your project.

  • @MCarlton

    JK is a phenomenally talented actor and performer to work with and I really enjoyed the interpretation he brought to his character. He was extremely professional and took direction very well, though we didn't have too many notes to give him since his first takes were nearly perfect! I'm really looking forward to working again with JK in the near future on a second round of voice over work.  

  • @legiovoxstudios

    We had an amazing time working with JK on our game. He delivered a great performance and was an awesome and fun actor to collaborate with. We're very happy to have him as a member of our voice cast and are looking forward to working with JK again in the future.  

  • @irix

    Worked with JkBravo on a Fizzarolli skit and he was a joy to work with!
    Flexible, hardworking and helpful! He even stayed up despite it being late at night because of a tight deadline so I could be done with the checking of the audio file! He also did any needed retakes I asked for! <3
    Overall it went smoothly and he was so nice to work with! :D

    11/10 Would HIGHLY recommend him for your projects!! <3