Kylie Ann

Animator and voice actress who loves to work on original and fan-made projects!

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Demos & Samples

Kylie Ann 2018 Demo Reel

My most recent and updated character demo reel. Helped put together by the amazing TrueMyriad!

  • @rikakatsu

    An amazing talent with so much range! She is a pleasure to work with and will not let you down. Always looking to better herself, and take her work to the next level. Her range, quality, and ability to work with a deadline has been a blessing to what I have seen her do. I Highly recommend her for anything you need!

  • @belrus

    I have worked with her on several projects, and I can say that Kiles is an outstanding voice actress. She does her absolute best in every project she's in, and I wish her the best of luck on her projects, both currently and in the future. She is a voice actress that I highly recommend for a project.

  • @deleted47856

    She has such a diverse and versatile voice I believe she can make any role she goes for. She's also insightful and experienced in voice acting, making her a huge asset to just about any group she's in. I know this as a fact, this girl will be running with the big leagues one day, and I hope I'll get the opportunity to be on more projects with her.

  • @gmillerhoctor

    I have worked along Kylie Ann in PShattuck Productions and she is an extremely talented animator. She keeps to her deadlines (unless a personal life/business issue happens that may delay work which she would inform you about if necessary) She has a well-detailed style that is always able to be picked out in the crowd and I've enjoyed working alongside her for so long.